The “Rug Bug,” not always a bad thing?

Sometime our clients and friends get “the bug.”  The Rug Bug is a terrible disease.  It eats away at your senses, causing you to collect rugs that you love, even if you don’t have a space for them.  Seriously, check my house and you will find closets full of rugs, where I am going to put them… no-one knows. But if you use the information that we provide for free, your rug bug can managed, and can even be fun!

Our friend Jason has the bug.  He has it bad… real bad.  He has been gobbling up rug information like a dehydrated man drinking from a desert watering hole.  And he has made good use of it.

Jason is chasing some very elusive investment-quality rugs.  Now, all hand-made rugs are investments.  They will increase in value with both use and age, but Jason is searching for antique rugs.  Not just antique rugs, but unique and rare old rugs that are in great condition, and at a great price.

Finding the age, condition, and rarity is not all that hard, but sometimes the prices associated with these pieces can throw off most collectors.  Finding the “deal” with these rugs can be very tough, very elusive.

Jason has done well.  The force is strong with him.  He picked up this wonderful antique Kazak runner.  I can’t tell you where he got it, or how much he paid for it.  You just have to trust me that he got a great deal.  And he should have- he put a lot of time and effort into researching and finding this piece.

What makes this rug great, and worth well more than what he paid for it, is the condition of the piece for its age.  Woven in the Caucasus, the piece is constructed of hand-spun wool and vegetable dyes on a hand-spun wool foundation.  It has had a few repairs to the selvedge and the fringe has been trimmed and secured, but the pile area appears to be all original.  The colors are not only correct for the age, but are outstanding in their clarity and harmony.

Jason, we love your rug!  Congrats on your great find.  All of your effort and study has paid off.  And if you ever get tired of it… you know where we are.

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