Rugs we love: Jaipur Atlantis Collection

Atlantis Bhoomi

We’ve been working with Jaipur Rug Company for a long time.  By a long time, we’re talking like over a decade.  There is a perfectly good reason why we have been working with them for so long… they’re really, really good at what they do.  We like all of what Jaipur has to offer, I even have a couple of Jaipur rugs in my own home.  But we particularly love the Atlantis collection.  And we want to tell you why.

Jaipur Rugs is primarily a hand-knotted carpet manufacturer based in India.  You’ll never guess which city is home to their headquarters… (Jaipur.)  Jaipur has reached the pinnacle of rug manufacturing by bringing the best that India has to offer and combined it with the needs and wants of the western world.  They strive for artistic beauty in their designs, color combinations, even in the texture and feel of their rugs.  Jaipur not only make great rugs, but they take care of their weavers.  With over 20 branches in ten states of India, Jaipur works alongside their army of over 40,000 artisans to create a social initiative to move India forward in industry and worker rights.

Atlantis Shiva

Okay, enough about Jaipur and how awesome they are.  Let’s talk about the Atlantis collection.  What makes this collection so wonderful is that it is so elegantly simple.  (Unlike Gremlins, those guys come with instructions.   Don’t feed em after midnight…)  The Atlantis Collection is hand-knotted with an amazing selection of colors from high-grade hand-spun New Zealand wool.  The collection blends classic Indian and Persian designs with a slight touch of transitional motifs and colors that are driven by the latest designer trends.

Atlantis Collection rugs come in a wide variety of sizes and special orders are much faster than you would usually expect.  All of the rugs within the collection have coordinating pieces, usually even three or four other pieces with perfectly coordinating palettes.  And the pricing on this collection is low enough that practically anyone can afford a real, hand-knotted oriental rug.

Atlantis Pani

If you want to see this collection, stop by our store.  We stock the entire collection in a variety of sizes.  If you are looking for multiple pieces to coordinate, this is your best starting point.  Come by and check out the Atlantis Collection by Jaipur Rugs today or visit our website here:

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