You Should Try Before You Buy…

Having spent the last 15-plus years working with oriental rugs, you would think selecting the perfect rug would be easy.  Just ask my wife what she thought of the first rugs that I brought into our house, and you will know that it is not THAT easy (it took three tries.)  Even with a staff on interior designers, selecting the perfect rug on first sight is not all that easy.  Sometimes, you really need to see the rug in your home (or multiple rugs) to find the perfect look.

Luckily, (not really luck, we have thought this through) we offer our clients a No Hassle Try-Before-You-Buy Approval Period.  This policy allows you to take any in-stock rug home on approval for a “test drive.”  During this trial period, you are not purchasing the rug or rugs, you are simply borrowing them to decide if ay of them are perfect for your needs and décor.  If one of the rugs work, congratulations!  If none of them work, simply return them, no charges, no harm, no foul.  Many reputable rug stores offer this service, usually with a 3-4 trial period, and some form of a deposit.

Here is why we strongly recommend taking advantage of this policy.  Rugs will look very different in a rug store in contrast to your home for the following reasons:

First, we are betting that you do not have thirty foot tall ceilings 20 foot tall display racks for your rugs in your home.  The scale of most showrooms and their display racks will cause rugs to look much larger in store than they will in your home.  Take the rug home first to make sure that the size is correct.

Second, we also use multiple forms of lighting to maximize the amount of color and texture that can be seen in our showroom.  It’s not that we are trying to trick your eyes; it’s that we are working with a large space, which is generally pretty hard to light up properly.  Add to the equation that we have attempted to “go green” and our lighting systems can get a little complicated.   Your home lighting is going to be much simpler.

Finally, all handmade rugs have nap to the weave, similar to velvet, which creates a light side and a dark side to the rug.  (Yes, we have plenty of Star Wars references using the dark side of the rug.)  When you have the rug in your home, you can rotate the rug 180 degrees to switch these sides.  Sometimes, the selection of light or dark side can also make the selection of the perfect rug.

So before purchasing your next family heirloom rug, try it first.  And if you see my wife, be sure to ask her about me bringing home our first rugs… I’m sure she will tell you that I got it exactly right on the first try.

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