Candle wax removal.

The Holiday Season is here and with it comes a group of challenges in maintaining your oriental rugs and keeping them clean.  From spilled candle wax to entire bottles of wine, we have seen it all.  The good news is that most problems you may encounter are quick and easy to remedy.

Candle wax spills are one of the more common problems that we hear about this time of the year.  There is just something about the combination of candles and festive cheer that equals wax on a rug!  Lucky for you, this is one of the easier fixes that doesn’t require professional help.

Once the wax has cooled and hardened, start by removing any excess wax you can by simply breaking off any of the larger chunks you can with your hands.  The more wax you can remove, the faster the next steps of the process will be.

Next, get your household iron and a couple of brown paper bags.  Place strips or sheets of the paper from the bags on top of the wax and use the iron on a warm setting to heat the wax through the paper.  The wax will melt and be absorbed into the paper.  Repeat this process until all wax is removed.

Remember to keep the iron on a warm setting (too hot will make the wax spread) and to keep the iron moving to avoid any potential burns.

If you are unable to remedy this problem with this method, contact your local reputable oriental rug cleaner for help.  Happy Holidays!

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