Finding a dealer you can TRUST- part 1

Finding the perfect oriental rug can be enough of a challenge.  Finding a reputable dealer that will stand behind the quality and value of their inventory shouldn’t be hard also.

Here is a short guide to help you know what to look for when choosing your rug source:

Don’t be afraid to ask around about experiences with your selected rug dealers.  A business that has been around for a long time has likely survived for a reason, usually excellent customer service.  Decide where you are comfortable doing business. Look for established firms that rely on repeat business for their success.

Broad Selection
An oriental rug source that carries a wide selection of rugs has a better chance of locating the perfect rug for you.  Stores that specialize in Oriental rugs and have a wide selection of styles, qualities and prices are a great place to start.  The dealer should have all of the different size categories and should carry products from different countries.  
Prominent Information and Pricing
A reputable oriental rug dealer will conform to ORRA (Oriental Rug Retailer ssociation) standards and codes for business practices.  These standards require specific display techniques and that specific information must be displayed on the rugs at all times.  This
information includes: rug id#, size, country of origin, design, content material, construction type, and price

No-Hassle Approval Period
Choosing an oriental rug, while not difficult, can sometimes take a couple of tries before getting it perfect.  A reputable oriental rug dealer allows you to try the rug on approval before buying the piece.  The dealer will likely ask for a credit card or a small deposit in order for you to take the rug home, but will not charge you at all if the rug does not work.  The dealer should display this policy and should have the policy placed in writing on a customer’s invoice.  

Return Policy
Another policy that a reputable oriental rug dealer will both display and put into writing is a return policy.  As with any retail business, most dealers will allow you to return a rug within three days for a full refund.  This policy does not usually include custom ordered items.

Trade-In Policy
Due to the construction and artistic nature of oriental rugs, most pieces will increase in value with both use and age.  Many oriental rug stores participate in trade-in programs or will offer to “buy back” your rug at a reduced price.  Factors such as rug damage or cleaning and repair will often devalue a traded-in rug.  The most important part of a trade-in policy is that it is placed in writing and that a copy of the written policy is made available to all customers.

Cleaning and Repair Services
Why buy a product if the dealer cannot help you to maintain it?  A reputable oriental rug dealer will not only offer these services, but will often remind when your cleaning and repair service are past due and will offer you a returning customer discount.

In-Home Services
Don’t be afraid to ask your rug expert to come to your home to help you with rug selections, suggestions, or in home setup and delivery.  Most rug dealers will designate a geographical region in which deliveries and setup is free.  Many will even bring on approval rugs to your home and then later pick up the ones that you did not keep.

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