2011 Color Trends and Suprises

As 2011 comes to a close, we reflect on the trends of both color and pattern that the year brought us.  It was a wonderful year and we were pleasantly surprised by the color predictions that came true and the colors that became popular that we would have never expected.

When newly trending colors can be accurately predicted, the oriental rug world springs into action, producing as many wonderful handmade pieces as they can to meet the needs of our clients.  When colors surprise us, though, the slow production time of handmade pieces can create something of a nightmare for businesses like ours.  So if you have some predictions for 2012, let us know!

SURPRISE!  Honeysuckle Pink was Pantone’s color of the year for 2011.  While this color was predicted to be trending in many homes and decors, we did not expect it to be as popular as it was.  Luckily, our market is a little more traditional and while we had requests for the color, we did not need to invest too much inventory space in what may end up being a short-lived hot color.  And what color was most requested to pair along with pink?  Grey.

PREDICTED-  Green.  Green was a color that we saw moving into the spotlight slowly, first in paint colors, and then in furniture design.  Many designers saw green as a way of bringing the outdoors inside, and viewed the color as fresh and clean.  Oriental rugs were a great pair for this color, even with the somewhat difficult time we have creating a stable vegetable green dye.

SURPRISE! Red and Blue made a huge resurgence in 2011.  You would think that oriental rug manufacturers would be well prepared for this considering that for 2500 years, red and blues were the easiest dye colors to produce, but with so many homes utilizing Autumn tones, we were still caught a little off guard.  According to Dulux Paints, blue is the most popular color in the world, and is not expected to step down from it’s throne any time soon.

PREDICTED- Black and White.  In 2011, black came on strong as a lead color choice for walls, and was often used as a contrast to white to great graphic effect. Stripes, checks and patterns featuring these two powerhouses were dominant in home design.  Black is an easy color to find in oriental rugs, but true white can be a smaller challenge with the natural color of wool leaning more towards cream.

PREDICTABLE SURPRISE- Grey.  The furniture industry made strong moves toward a more transitional gray color in 2011.  I personally thought the trend would be short-lived, but Grey tones look to have a long life ahead of them.  Oriental rug manufacturers have had a hard time cornering the correct grey tones.  Again, the natural color of wool tends to make the greys look a little more brown.  You will definitely see more grey tones in our oriental rug showroom in 2012.

Have your own predictions?  Let us know!  We would love to see what our clients both want and expect for the following year. www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com

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