Folding Rugs for Storage and Shipping

Are you tired?  We are.  Why, you ask?  We’ve been packing and shipping a lot of rugs around the globe.  Sound crazy, we know, but this little thing called the internet has become pretty popular.

Transporting or storing large rugs is no easy task.  We have been folding, rolling, and packing rugs for almost 20 years now, so we have learned a few tricks along the way.  If they ever make rug rolling an olympic sport, we promise to bring home a gold medal.  So if you need to roll or fold rugs for transport or storage, here are some tips for making your rugs travel sized.

A few caveats before you begin.  Before folding or creasing your rug, make sure that doing so will not damage the rug.  Some tufted rugs or super dense hand-knotted rugs can be damaged if creased.  Some lower-grade machine made rugs can be creased permanently.  And if you ever hear any popping or cracking when you are folding your rugs- STOP.

If you have enough room or manpower, or if your rug refuses to be folded, you can simply roll your rug.  Start by rolling from the short end of the rug so that the length of the roll is as short as possible.  If you need something to keep the roll ridged while you are moving it, try rolling the rug with a cardboard tube inside.

Assuming that your rug can be folded, it is often beneficial to fold your rug before rolling it.  This will save space and will also make the rug easier to move.  

For room size rugs such as 8x10s and 9x12s, the single fold method is easiest.  Start by folding the rug in half down the length of the rug.  Next, fold in one end of the rug.  (This will help to keep the rug straight while you are rolling it.  In some cases, you can fold in both ends of the rug to protect the fringe.)  Now from the folded end, begin rolling the rug, keeping the roll tight, but not so tight as to pop any warp or weft strings.  Once the rug is rolled, secure it with a couple of ropes tied with a slip knot.

For rugs larger that 9×12, it is sometime impractical to use a single fold method.  If you need to make the rug more compact, start by folding down the length of the rug into thirds.  Now fold in one end and then roll using the same method as before.  Again, use a couple of ropes to secure the roll and keep it tight.

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