Mixing fabric patterns with oriental rugs…

We often hear that choosing an oriental rug is hard because of the difficulty in mixing existing patterns and colors in the home with traditional oriental rug patterns.  Mixing patterns can also be complicated by intermixing different styles.

Sticking to these general rules in choosing patterns can ease the confusion and make finding the right oriental rug much easier.

1. Pick a starting print or prints.  Before beginning your oriental rug search, you must decide what items in the room are staying, and which items you are willing to part with or change.  Usually, large furniture fixtures will stay, but paint colors, throw pillows, and accessories are usually inexpensive enough to change.

2. Limit your color palette.   If you have significant investments that involve specific colors, do your best to work around them.  But if you can possibly part with any of the items that may limits your color choices… get rid of them.  Ideally, you would want to start your shopping with a blank canvass so as not to limit your choices.  Make sure that you bring any color swatches with you when you begin your rug search.

3. Vary the style.   You may be surprised how well you will like a combination of colors and patterns when you step outside of your comfort zone.  We have a professional design staff that makes an art of out of mixing florals, stripes, geometrics, and textures together.  The idea is not to have too much of any one type of pattern.  Also, don’t be afraid to mix modern and contemporary patterns with traditional rugs.  We see a lot of modern and traditional rooms utilizing traditional and antique rugs to create a look that will never really go out of style.
4. Vary the size of the pattern.  Have you ever walked into a room and felt overwhelmed by the patterns?  Usually it is because the decorator used too much pattern of the same scale.  Avoid this problem by using patterns of various scales and breaking them up with solids or texturals.

Most reputable oriental rug stores will have an interior designer on-staff to help you find the perfect rug to work with your existing décor.  Just make sure that you take them as many tools as you can such as fabric samples, color swatches, or even pictures of the room.  If you follow these rules, finding the perfect rug should not be a difficult challenge.

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