Team LOR at the 2011 Urban Mountain Challenge

Hauling rugs around is no easy task.  It takes strength, it takes determination, it takes… a two wheel hand cart so we don’t need as much strength and determination.  We would like to think that moving all of our rugs around has kept us in shape and healthy.  The Urban Mountain Challenge put this thought to task.

Team Lexington Oriental Rugs participated in the 2011 Urban Mountain Challenge on January 28th.  Why you ask?  Because we love punishment… and because it was a great community event to support local groups.  638 stairs, 29 floors in the Fifth Third building in downtown Lexington.  It was touted as a race against the clock, but as we found out, it was really just a race to not pass out.

Thanks to all of our team members and all of our awesome clients that we saw at the event participating.  And a very special thanks to all of the Lexington service members, police, and firefighters that completed the challenge.  You never appreciate just how hard these people train to save your life until you see them climb 638 stairs in full fire gear faster than you.  Consider us impressed!

Team Lexington Oriental Rugs is a group of company employees, clients, and friends that are interested in giving back to the community through local charity events and fundraisers.  Events vary from charity road races to Habitat for Humanity builds.  You may be able to recognize a team member by their brightly colored shirts, with a team logo on the front and a quirky nickname on the back.  If you would like to join our team, it’s free, and we are always looking for members.  We usually sponsor our members, and members will also get a free team shirt/jersey.  And, of course, the events are always fun and rewarding.  You can learn more by contacting Chad at 859-254-4412 or by visiting our Facebook page,

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