Oriental Rug Cleaning- Red Dye

Oriental rug cleaning involves a little knowledge of chemistry.  While we haven’t perfected turning lead into gold, we are still pretty handy with a chemistry set… This client had a small mishap involving a two year old and a bottle of grenadine. Normal cleaning didn’t even begin to eliminate this stain. (Red chemical dye is very resilient.)  The client tried spot cleaning at home- and our professional cleaning service had zero effect on target.  Did we give up? NO!

Fortunately, we have seen this type of stain before… and our time in Chemistry Lab at the University of Kentucky was well spent/  Our experts used a technique involving a very specific recipe with ingredients that targeted the red dye, dislodging it from the wool. It is a delicate process, with the solution being hand-painted onto the red stain in question. We think the results speak volumes.

While we can’t guarantee miracle results with all types of stains or damage, we like to think that our cleaning and repair services are top-notch.  When your oriental rug investment is in need of some care, come see us!  Thank you to all of our awesome customers!  #orientalrugcleaning #reddyeremoval  You can also learn about all of our oriental rug cleaning and repair services on our website by clicking here: http://www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com/rug-care-cleaning/

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