Oriental Rug Sprouting

Have you noticed some small pulls, or loose threads sticking out of the pile of your oriental rug?  Don’t panic.  It is likely caused by oriental rug sprouting.  Watch our video above or keep reading to learn more about oriental rugs sprouting, what causes it, and how you can remedy this issue.

While oriental rug sprouting may sound like a vegetable garden is growing in your living room, it is a real and common issue with most hand-spun wool rugs.  Hand-spun wool has become very popular in new production oriental rugs alongside the resurgence of natural dyes.  It’s nubby texture indicates and handmade look and goes well with antique reproduction patterns and styles.  It looks old because it is the old way of spinning wool into yarn

Wool can be spun into yarn either by hand or by machine.  Raw wool is twisted to connect fibers and then pulled into a thread before it is spun onto a collection wheel.  A machine is capable of twisting thread many times more than the human hand and makes a very uniform, nearly perfect thread.  Hand-spun wool, by comparison is thicker, nubbier, and is imperfect.  Machine spun wool is great for use in high-knot count patterns, with the fine gauge yarn allowing for smaller knots.

Hand-spun wool rugs are designed with a nubby texture in mind.  During the normal “break-in” process, these rugs may experience sprouting.  This is due to inconsistently spun wool relaxing within the pile and popping up higher than the normal pile level.  It will often look like loose threads pulling out of the rug.  If you gently pull them, they will still be tied into the foundation and will not pull loose from the pile.

If you see oriental rug sprouting occurring in your home, don’t panic.  Your rug is not falling apart.  Simply use a sharp pair of scissors or knapping shears and clip the loose fiber even with the level of the pile.  Then simply vacuum up the loose threads.  Once your rug is fully broken in, occurrences of sprouting will dissipate.

If you have questions regarding your oriental rug, contact your local rugs expert or give us a call.  We will be happy to give you more information.  You can see more at www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com Thanks to all of our awesome customers! #orientalrugrepair #sproutingnotjustforvegetables

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