Outdoor Rug Cleaning

Summer is officially gone… now is the time to get your outdoor rug clean and ready for storage or prepped for winter exposure. Outdoor Rug Cleaning can be very easy, but needs to be done properly.  Check out our latest video for tips on keeping your outdoor rug in top condition. Plus, we have a little extra fun along the way! We hope you enjoy watching our video as much as we did making it!

This particular collection from the video is Rain by Surya Rugs.  It features a synthetic looped pile on a plastic mesh back.  This makes the collection much softer to the touch than your typical outdoor rug, and allows water to flow through it easily.

Before we stock and offer a rug collection to our customers- we like to make sure that the quality and durability meets the standards of rugs that we would put in our own homes.  Many outdoor rug collections do not do well when fully exposed to direct sunlight, water, and temperature fluctuations.  The Rain collection is one of the few that have withstood our test and made it to our showroom floor.

We left this rug outdoors for two full years on a wooden deck.  The area was only covered by a canvass gazebo in the Spring and Summer months, and was left completely exposed during the winter.   With the unusual amount of heat and humidity Kentucky experienced this summer, the rug began to show signs of mold and mildew- which is why it received our “specialized’ outdoor rug cleaning treatment.

While we had fun making this video and getting this rug very dirty, it was a very extreme way to test this rugs durability and ease of cleaning.  Just a simple water hose was able to remove 95% of the problems we created, but the use of dish soap and some scrubbing action ensured this rug is ready to survive another two years of Mother Nature’s wrath… and our messy barbeque techniques.

See the entire Surya Rain collection here:  http://www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com/search/product-search/?search_paths%5B%5D=%2Fstore&query=rain&submit=Search

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