Round Dining Table Decor

Working in oriental rugs, we get a lot of questions regarding round rugs and round dining table decor.  Creating the perfect room with a round dining table isn’t always easy, but can be managed with the right planning and design.

First off, why do people decorate with a round dining table in the first place?    New home construction places a premium on larger living spaces and open concept design.  Fewer families are using dining rooms (mine only gets used on Holidays) and are congregating in family rooms and kitchens.  Because of this, dining room footprints have been getting smaller and smaller.  Round dining tables not only soften a room with a lack of hard edges, but maximize your seating space with minimal overall square footage.

Round tables also serve a purpose as a great way to get family and friends closer in a way that invites conversation.  A round table has no head or foot.  It has no beginning, and no end.  Every person seated at the table has equal access to both the item on the table and the conversation around it.  Think Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and how it represented them all being equal, but in a way that substitutes your grandparents and kids…

Round dining tables can also comes with their own set of problems.  To maximize seating, many people purchase tables that are functionally too large for their space.  Sizes of round tables are somewhat limited.   Finding the perfect round oriental rug to anchor the room requires the correct size and style.  And other considerations such as whether the table can be centered in the room take on added importance.

Here are a few points to consider before selection your round dining table.

First, measure your room well and roughly lay out any other furniture that will be with the table. Sideboards, servers, and dining hutches can take up a considerable amount of space.  You want to be able to center the table in the room if possible to visually balance the setting.  Make sure that you are able to comfortably pull the chairs away from the table and sit down without coming off of any oriental rugs or hitting other furniture.

Second, while custom made tables can be made in any size, most manufacturers stick with a standard size of 36″, 48″, 54″ and 60″ diameter tops.  54″ inch tops are the most popular that we sell at our store.  Take these sizes into account with chair options before finalizing your purchase.

If possible, make sure that your round dining table is centered in the room or on any major focal points such as large windows, mirrors, or lighting fixtures.

Dining chair sizes vary greatly.  Most customers elect use either arm chairs or arm-less chairs solely instead of a combination of both.  If you decide to use arm chairs, measure to ensure that the top of the arms will comfortably fit underneath the table top.  Want to know how many chairs you can easily fit around the table?  Use this equation we got directly from the interior design pros:  (Diameter of your table x 3.14) / (width of a single chair)

Some tables allow for seating to be expanded with the use of leaves.  Round dining tables are no exception, although there are not as many.  Expansions may be made by adding leaves to the center of the table (creating an oval) or by adding leave to the circumference of the table.  In either case, make sure that you take in this added square footage when measuring out how much space the table will occupy in your room.

When selecting an oriental rug for your dining table, make sure you get a rug large enough for the table to remain functional.  A common mistake is to select a rug that is too small, even though it looks large visually.  Measure by pulling out your chairs as if you were going to sit in them.  Now measure the diameter of that area.  If the rug is too small, your chairs may come off of the rug when you sit down, and get caught of the rug when you push back in towards the table.  While this may be a small inconvenience if you do not use your table often, it can become a larger issue if you entertain regularly.  Common round oriental size are 6′, 8′ and 10′ in diameter.

You can see our entire selection of round oriental rugs here:   You can also see a great selection of round dining tables on our furniture website at For more interior design tips, visit our store or give us a call to speak with one of our on-staff interior designers!


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