Interior Design Details – Mixing Patterns and Fabrics

Sometimes the difference between good interior design and something uniquely amazing is the attention to detail.  We recently worked with a local interior designer, Ben Deaton with Pedigo Designs, on a project that required strict attention to detail in selection of fabrics for a custom sectional and selection of an oriental rug.  While the finished project looked elegant and simple, it was the interior design details that pulled it all together.

Interior Design DetailsBefore introducing even the first item, the room in itself was beautiful.  Large and spacious, the area featured an open concept floor plan with large double doors that overlooked a wonderfully landscaped patio.  The designer wanted to highlight this feature, bringing the beauty of this outdoor area into the living room.  To accomplish this, he selected a neutral wall color, and simple yet elegant draperies that accented the height of the double doors and windows.  Two layers of window treatments added just a slight amount of drama to the area, without drawing attention away from the beauty outside.

Our team of interior designers and furniture experts worked to create a very large sectional to accentuate the size of the space without looking awkward.  A standard sectional would look small in such a large space, so a custom sectional was created that was nearly 10 feet in length.  The depth and height of this piece were crucial to ensure that the piece seemed substancial enough for the space.  Accents such as nail-head trim was added to give detail and interest to the finished product.

A luxurious velvet fabric was selected in a striking grey-brown color to accentuate the colors in adjoining rooms and to coordinate with rust and brown outdoor furniture visible through the large double doors. Velvets present a more formal appearance. They often come in a range of many colors and have a luxurious feel, but are durable in their elegance. When properly cared for, velvets make long-lasting chairs and sofas (upholstered with cotton velvet).

To tie it all together, a 10×14 hand-knotted Indian Serapi oriental rug was selected with the perfect rust color to coordinate with both the window treatments and outdoor furniture.  This rug also had highlights of navy and sage green to add depth and a small amount of color to the room.  The large central medallion functions as a focal point for the furniture setting.

The attention to detail in this client’s space was meticulous and the results are fantastic! Our custom Vanguard sectional and Serapi oriental rug look amazing thanks to some awesome work by talented interior designers.  THANK YOU to all of our awesome staff, and customers for allowing us to do this work that we love every day!

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