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Timeless Rug Designs

timeless rug designs

I spend a lot of time focusing on design trends, interior styles, and emerging colors.  These areas of interior design change quickly and losing track of what customers want in their home can be devastating to small businesses like ours.  The oriental rug industry is very aware of changes in the consumer market and work quickly to react to the changing landscape.  But even in this “wild west” of styles, some designs and colors remain almost immune to these changing tastes.  What makes these timeless rug designs so special?  Let’s take a look.

timeless rug designsAs it turns out, most of these timeless rug designs have common traits.  And many of them have been around for hundreds of years, while some of their design motifs have been traced back over 3000 years! These designs have evolved over time and have essentially survived through changing styles over centuries. They rose to the top, best of the best, survival of the fittest and all that…

The first common trait among timeless rug design is color.  Most of these rugs are dominantly red and blue with highlights of golds, soft blues, and green.  This color palette is one of necessity, not necessarily of choice.  Chemical dyes didn’t really emerge until the 1890’s, so until then people had to use natural vegetable dyes that they could collect locally and manufacture themselves.  The ultimate goal of ancient times was to create vibrant color, and reds and blues were the easiest to create.  That’s why there is such an abundance of these colors in the market, there are simply hundreds of years with no way to make greys, purples, or varied greens.

timeless rug designs herizThe second common trait is pattern.  Typically there are two variations of “field patterns”, medallions and repetitive motifs.  Medallion rugs were often prized, as it took skill to create a uniform medallion well centered in the rug.  Both of these styles are usually bordered with one of 5 major border types, but most of these involve repetition of floral or geometric motifs that “meander” or rotate 180 degrees every other repetition.  While all of these patterns can be classified as geometric or floral, they are all basically stylized floral forms.

The third common trait is origin of the pattern.  With the exception of just a few Indian and Turkish designs, all of our most popular timeless rug designs originated in Persia (modern day Iran.)  While we can trace back many carpet patterns nearly 3000 years, the height of rug design occurred during the Safavid rule of the 16th and 17th centuries.  These Safavid rulers placed emphasis on art, design, and architecture and the rug industry flourished because of this patronage.  These timeless patterns spread across the globe and represent the majority of most basic patterns produced today.

If you would like to see some of these timeless rug designs, visit our Lexington, Kentucky showroom.  We would be very happy to show you some of our personal favorites.  You can also see a huge variety of rugs on our website at .

Kalaty Pasha

Kalaty Pasha PH-993

Kalaty Pasha PH-993

Interior design and home decor requires balance.  Balance between form and function, balance between timeless and trendy… and balance between quality and budget.  Oriental rugs are no different.  We work very hard to find the perfect balance between the colors and styles of the most recent trends.  And of course, we have to work very hard to get the best quality possible for a price our clients are willing to afford.  The Kalaty Pasha collection is built around balance.  These rugs take some of the best time-tested designs from the old world and inject fresh new colors in a construction that is durable, intricate, and affordable.

Kalaty Pasha PH-992

Kalaty Pasha PH-992

The success of the Kalaty Pasha collection is no coincidence and the recipe is simple.  Find the most versatile and popular designs of the last 200 years and change the colors to reflect the most popular colors over the last 10 years.   The result is a collection of patterns and colors that will work with most decors and will remain “in-style” for generations to come.  Now manufacture these rugs in the most durable and quality-driven way possible- hand-knotted and rendered in 100% premium hand-spun wool.  Our clients and customers demand a rug that will last a lifetime that can withstand all of the daily rigors life throw at them. And the Kalaty Pasha collection performs.  Balance of style and function, construction and price.  Beautiful!

The Kalaty Pasha collection contains pattern that are floral or geometric, also with central medallion or repeating patterns.  Most of the rugs within the collection are based around the same color palette, so finding coordinating pieces is an easy task.  If you would like to see the collection, stop by our showroom.  You can also see them all on our website by clicking here.

Loloi Kingsley

Loloi Kingsley

What are the hallmarks of valuable antique oriental rugs?  On initial inspection it would seem that most collectible antique rugs have a few similar characteristics.  The are evenly worn and very thin after at least 100 years of wear and tear.  They are faded in color from generations of natural light and oxidation of dyes.  The fibers are soft and smooth, developing a patina of sorts as they are massages by feet over decades.  What if you could mimic these attributes to a minute detail?  Let us introduce you to the Loloi Kingsley Collection.

Loloi Kingsley 04Oriental rug manufacturers have been looking for ways to make new rugs look antique essentially as long as rugs have existed.  While many questionable techniques exist to accelerate the aging process, the best way to make a new rug look old is by making it the old way.  Hand-spinning wool gives the pile a slightly nubby, more imperfect texture.  The lack of perfect spin and strength of thread requires that many of these rugs be sheared to a very low, thin pile.  Add to this mix the use of natural, vegetable dyes with some eye for very soft color and you end up with an antique looking rug.  It looks old because it is made the “old way.”  And with practice, some finer manufacturers have made collections that will pass as true antique rug at a mere fraction of the cost.

The Loloi Kinglsey collection of antique reproductions has left an outstanding impression on rug dealers and interior designers alike.  The pile height is very minimal, and the texture is reminiscent of rugs that are well into a century old.  Exceptionally soft color palette mimic decades of use and exposure to natural light.  The Loloi Kingsley Collection features traditional designs in subtle, sophisticated colors. Hand-knotted in Pakistan of 100% wool, each piece undergoes an antique washing and sun drying process to fade the designs. And thanks to its fine wool fiber, Kingsley is an easy collection to maintain.

If you would like to see the entire Loloi Kingsley collection, stop by our showroom and experience them for yourself.  You can also see them on our website by clicking here.

2015 Midsummer Night’s Run

Midsummer Night's Run

It was the PERFECT night for a run through beautiful downtown Lexington!  Over 3300 people took to the streets on August 8th for the 2015 Midsummer Night’s Run to support Baptist Health Research programs.  Team Lexington Oriental Rugs was proud to submit a team of 12 to compete in a great Lexington tradition…  and our group took FIRST PLACE in the team division!  Way to go guys!

Midsummer Night's Run

Lookin’ strong guys!

Runners and walkers of every age have gathered for the long-running annual event in Lexington for more than thirty years. Thousands of spectators have enjoyed the downtown atmosphere and the entertainment and activities offered in 2015 was no exception!  If you want to learn more about this awesome event, check out their website by clicking here.  We would love to see you at next year’s event!

If you have read this blog before, you have heard us talking about Team Lexington Oriental Rugs. It’s a group of employees, clients, and friends that get together to participate in community events, charity road
races, and habitat builds. Team LOR is just our way of giving back to the community that has supported us while having a little fun along the way.  Why are we doing this? We like punishment. (Have you seen how many rugs we unload when we get new shipments?) And we love raising money for great charities. Would you like to get involved? Let us know.  We provide team members with a team jersey and sponsor entry into any events. Thanks for helping us to make our community the best!

Kalaty Origins

Kalaty Origins OR-772

We live in and conduct business in the heart of the Bluegrass, in Lexington, Kentucky.  We are surrounded by thoroughbred horses and rolling hills.  Our beautiful home is known for bourbon and hospitality.  I like to think that we are living in a small town that is pretending to be big.  Typically, Kentucky style consists of mahogany and leather in federal style homes.  But lately, we are seeing more and more homes with contemporary or transitional style.  With this shift in style, home decorators and interior designers alike have been looking for a way to bridge the gap between their modern decor and traditional style homes. The Kalaty Origins collection of rugs has provided a solution with clean lines and simple colors to help tie differing styles together.

Kalaty Origins CollectionWith their simple-yet-compelling designs, the borderless rugs in the Kalaty Origins collection complement today’s popular transitional interior design trends. All of the rugs in this collection are hand knotted in a Tibetan weave using a combination of wool and Silkette (a proprietary fiber developed by Kalaty.) Silkette, looks and feels just like silk, but at a fraction of the cost.  And unlike most contemporary rugs with bold shapes and loud colors, these rugs are soft, muted, and utilize patterns that attract attention without overstimulating the senses.

Most of the interior designs we work with use these rugs to tie antique and modern together.  The theory behind this is that by mixing the two styles together, your decor will never really go out of style.  Why go all in on the newest style trend that may be gone in a few years, when you can get the best of both world to last a lifetime?  Sounds like solid logic to us.

We love the Kalaty Origins collection and think you will too.  They are soft. stylish, and an amazing value considering the amount of work put into making each one.  To see the collection, stop by our showroom, or you see them on our website by clicking here.  THANK YOU to all of our awesome customers for allowing us to be a part of their homes!

Kalaty Kozan Rugs


Kalaty Kozan KZ-120

Searching for the look and soft feel of an antique oushak oriental rug, but don’t have the massive budget that accompanies 100 years of wear and patina?  We all are.  We know how hard it can be.  The struggle is real.  As a solution to this problem that has plagued interior designers and home decorators alike, we present the Kalaty Kozan collection of rugs.  All of the rugs in the Kozan collection features traditional Oushak designs that are hand knotted using 100% hand-spun wool in a Turkish knot weave. These vintage-inspired colors and patterns elevate your beautiful rooms to an entirely new level.

Kalaty Kozan KZ-126The Kalaty Kozan collection accurately recreates both the look and feel of antique Oushak rugs in a livable and durable collection that is also surprisingly affordable for the amount of effort put into weaving them. Traditional Oushaks are woven with the intent of making the softest pile possible without sacrificing the density necessary to create an intricate pattern.  In order to achieve this goal, high grade wools are hand-spun and knotted onto hand-spun wool foundations.  Natural vegetable dyes are also used to create soft and very muted designs on soft background colors.  (That doesn’t mean that Oushaks can’t be very brightly colored.  Many of the earliest Oushak rugs were brightly colored, but these designs were taken from other areas.)

Considering how much effort and quality go into these antique reproductions, you would imagine that the price would be elevated accordingly.  Amazingly, these wonderfully constructed rugs are very affordable.

See more of our rugs by visiting our showroom or check out our website at

Loloi Majestic Rugs

loloi majestic

With the overwhelming popularity of hand-spun wool and vegetable dyed rugs lately, it seems as if antique style rugs are here to stay.  Customers and interior designers alike love the texture and soft colors associated with this type of production.  Basically, these rugs look like 100 year old antiques without the extra cost that comes with a lifetime of rarity.  Does this sound like something you’re looking for?  The Loloi Majestic collection may just perfect oriental rug for you.

Loloi Majestic MM-02 IVThe challenge with most hand-spun wool and vegetable dyed rugs lies within their ability to be recreated. Particularly, oriental rugs from Pakistan and Afghanistan are very difficult to recreate.  While it is wonderful to have one-of-a-kind rugs in your home, sometimes you need multiple coordinating rugs in different sizes. Vegetable dyes are finicky.  Recipes are not exact, and thousands of variables such as temperature, humidity, and wool blends can change the resulting color.  Add to that the infrastructure needed to reproduce a particular color and pattern in different sizes quickly… well, you see how that goes.

Loloi saw the need for a collection of rugs with the same soft colors, nubby texture, and signature low-pile thickness of Pakistani and Afghani rugs.  The Loloi Majestic collection was born.  The Majestic Collection is the missing link that will transform your interior into an elegant home with timeless style. Hand-knotted of 100-percent wool, Majestic offers traditional, worldly designs that are harmoniously balanced, adding a sense of calm focus to any room. When you combine sumptuous, hand-spun wool yarn with earthy, vegetable dyes, the result is warm, familiar and exactly what you have been looking for.

The Loloi Majestic collection currently offers 16 coordinating designs and color palettes that are available in an impressive 14 different sizes including runners, rounds, and oversize 12×15’s.  While photos of the collection are pretty, you really need to feel the collection to understand the quality and effort that goes into creating each rug.  The experience will floor you. (Haha- floor you, get it?)  Visit our Lexington, Kentucky showroom to see the entire collection or click here to see them on our website.

Interior Design Details – Mixing Patterns and Fabrics

Sometimes the difference between good interior design and something uniquely amazing is the attention to detail.  We recently worked with a local interior designer, Ben Deaton with Pedigo Designs, on a project that required strict attention to detail in selection of fabrics for a custom sectional and selection of an oriental rug.  While the finished project looked elegant and simple, it was the interior design details that pulled it all together.

Interior Design DetailsBefore introducing even the first item, the room in itself was beautiful.  Large and spacious, the area featured an open concept floor plan with large double doors that overlooked a wonderfully landscaped patio.  The designer wanted to highlight this feature, bringing the beauty of this outdoor area into the living room.  To accomplish this, he selected a neutral wall color, and simple yet elegant draperies that accented the height of the double doors and windows.  Two layers of window treatments added just a slight amount of drama to the area, without drawing attention away from the beauty outside.

Our team of interior designers and furniture experts worked to create a very large sectional to accentuate the size of the space without looking awkward.  A standard sectional would look small in such a large space, so a custom sectional was created that was nearly 10 feet in length.  The depth and height of this piece were crucial to ensure that the piece seemed substancial enough for the space.  Accents such as nail-head trim was added to give detail and interest to the finished product.

A luxurious velvet fabric was selected in a striking grey-brown color to accentuate the colors in adjoining rooms and to coordinate with rust and brown outdoor furniture visible through the large double doors. Velvets present a more formal appearance. They often come in a range of many colors and have a luxurious feel, but are durable in their elegance. When properly cared for, velvets make long-lasting chairs and sofas (upholstered with cotton velvet).

To tie it all together, a 10×14 hand-knotted Indian Serapi oriental rug was selected with the perfect rust color to coordinate with both the window treatments and outdoor furniture.  This rug also had highlights of navy and sage green to add depth and a small amount of color to the room.  The large central medallion functions as a focal point for the furniture setting.

The attention to detail in this client’s space was meticulous and the results are fantastic! Our custom Vanguard sectional and Serapi oriental rug look amazing thanks to some awesome work by talented interior designers.  THANK YOU to all of our awesome staff, and customers for allowing us to do this work that we love every day!

Kalaty Carol Bolton Collection

Kalaty CB-889 Carol Bolton

If we had to choose just one single collection of all we have seen in the last few years that represents the best antique reproduction oriental rugs, it is easily the Kalaty Carol Bolton Collection.  Designer Carol Hicks Bolton’s unique combinations of color and texture, plus her love of antiquity are the basis for the entire collection. Kalaty has interpreted her ideas through a special production of high quality antique style rugs. And we are absolutely in love with them.

Carol got her start as a retailer of home furnishings Texas.  Furniture manufacturer, EJ Victor, took a special interest in how she would mix and match different fabric patterns and finishes to create an antique, eclectic look.  This was no coincidence.  In her own words, her style is all about layers, and creating and “old” look.  After partnering with EJ Victor to create an antique reproduction furniture line, they eventually also began working with Kalaty Rugs to produce a line of wonderfully done renditions of fine Persian masterpieces.

There are currently 20 beautiful designs within the collection, and each rug is like an heirloom, an exquisite relic from the past.  Premium hand spun New Zealand wool is treated with natural, vegetable dyes to create a soft, nubby texture and muted color. These exceptional rugs feature unequaled attention to detail through handwork, finishing, as well as careful hand distressing that infuses many of these rugs with the antique qualities for which Carol Hicks Bolton is renowned.

Kalaty CB-889While all of the Kalaty Carol Bolton Collecton rugs are outstanding, one design in particular reigns supreme in our hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.  The Bluegrass area is known for thoroughbred horseracing, the world’s finest bourbons, and small town atmosphere.  We love leather and hardwoods, and the CB-889 fits into our style perfectly.  This antique reproduction Serapi gives the absolute best look and feel of a true antique without the antique rug price.  We personally give the rug our stamp of approval as one of the best antique reproduction rugs out there.  Anywhere.  Period.

We love this collection and think you will too.  You can see them for yourself in our showroom, or click here to see them on our website.  THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers for keeping us rockin’!

New Oriental Rug Shipment

Our long-awaited new oriental rug shipment has arrived! Over 150 new, hand-knotted, oriental rugs in the latest designer colors and patterns have traveled from across the globe to earn a space in your home! From 2×3 up to 10×14, including runners and rounds, we have been like kids in a candy store opening these new rugs!

But it can’t be all fun and games.  Selecting, inspecting, and processing hundred of new oriental rugs is a lot of work.  Every rug that comes through our doors is thoroughly inspected, measured, archived, and tagged before ever making it to our racks for sale.  It’s kind of a big deal for a rug to earn a tag with our logo on it.

All of this effort guarantees quality and durability that will last generations. And we think our customers are worth it! We don’t carry or offer anything to you that we would not put in our own homes.  It’s a rigid standard of quality, but one we are willing to work with.  THANK YOU to all of our customers! Come in and see our newest shipment…  or see the entire shipment on our website by clicking here!