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Oriental Rug Cleaning

oriental rug cleaning

The great hallmarks of hand-knotted oriental rugs are their durability and ability to be cleaned and repaired. Professional oriental rug cleaning and repair will not only keep your rug looking great, but it will also ensure that your oriental rug investment will last for generations to come.

Our client in the Hamburg area of Lexington, Kentucky was in need of some restoration for their 9×12 Indian Oushak.  This soft woven rug was placed in a main traffic area, and was also at the mercy of two large dogs that used it as a launch point for running across the house. (The main floor was all tile.)  With just a few years of use, this rug began to show heavy wear, damaged fringe, and torn selvedges (the bound area on the edges of the rug.)

First, the rug was professionally cleaned, using a delicate technique that removed dirt and soil from the pile without stripping away the natural lanolin oils in the wool fiber.  This brightened the light background, enlivened the color, and made the wool soft and supple once again.  Oushak rugs are desired for their high-grade wools and soft piles, so proper cleaning was essential to restore the wool to its original texture and feel.

After the rug was cleaned, damaged fringe areas were trimmed and secured to ensure further wear would not continue to damage the foundation of the rug.  All four corners of the rug had experienced heavy enough wear that the selvedge had pulled away from the foundation of the rug in large sections.  These damaged areas were removed and replaced, restoring the selvedges to their original condition.

After the cleaning and repair phase was complete, a custom fit pad was used to hold the rug in place on the tile floor.  Because of the soft, flexible nature of an oushak weave and the slick tile floor, this rug was experiencing undue wear and tear.  The use of a correct pad fixed this problem.

If you have any questions about oriental rug cleaning and repair, contact your local oriental rug expert.  DO NOT have your rug steam cleaned or dry cleaned.  Oriental rug cleaning is a delicate and specialized task and should be done by trained professionals only.  You can learn more about our cleaning and repair services by clicking here.

Decorating with Black

decorating with black rugs

Is black an absence of color, or is it a combination of all that the spectrum of light can offer? Either way, black can be vibrant, expressive, and beautiful. Our client loved how this Nourison Living Treasures rug turned out after being slightly hesitant about adding a dominantly black rug to her neutral decor.  Don’t be hesitant about decorating with black, celebrate it!

You could say that interior decorating with black has gotten a bad rap.  People often describe black as dark, depressing, heavy…  But the truth is that a little bit of black is essential in every room.  It can also be difficult to avoid.  It can add drama and style, and can provide a grounding anchor to a furniture setting.  It also allows all of the colors surrounding it to appear more expressive.

Black is a universal color.  It knows know decorative bounds.  It  can be used in any room, in any style. Whether it’s a sleek and modern couch or geometric patterned rug, or an elegant and feminine iron staircase, black can be masculine and feminine, formal or casual, severe or romantic.

Our on-staff interior designers insist that it is important that every room have just a little bit of black. It has a grounding effect that gives the eye a place to focus. Too many soft colors with nothing to ground them provide no depth, no drama. It can actually be confusing to the eye.  It’s not that you need to have a massive amount of black, just enough to tie things together. A few black picture frames on a wall, a black coffee table, black trim on the walls, or even something as simple as a pillow is enough.  Black can also be used as an accent is that it can tie a grouping of items together that otherwise don’t mesh.

As our client found out, black can be an expressive, vibrant color.  Don’t be afraid of decorating with black.  You can see a great selection of black oriental rugs by clicking here.  Otherwise, please come visit our Lexington, Kentucky showroom to speak with one of our on-staff interior designers about how you can decorate with black!

Decorating with Outdoor Rugs

outdoor rugs

After the long, harsh winter we’ve had in the Southeast, it seems that every chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather is a chance to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.  Maybe that’s why outdoor spaces for living, cooking and entertaining are more popular than ever before.  We’ve been spending a lot of time lately talking with customers about decorating with outdoor rugs.

Stylish rugs that beat the elements are popular embellishments to these popular outdoor spaces. Thanks to fiber technology advancements in durability, this new generation of rugs truly thrives and not just survives outdoors.  Mother Nature can be harsh, but we’ve found a few rugs that can withstand her wrath!

Today’s all-weather rugs are not only similar to their indoor counterparts in looks and texture, but they can add a vibrant, transitional touch to any outdoor space.  Like indoor rugs, they can be custom-designed, hand-woven or machine-hooked and come in a variety of colors. Bland beige and boring brown have been replaced with colors like scarlet, rich chocolate, turquoise and more.

Our outdoor rugs of choice come from Surya’s Rain collection.  I have personally tested ???? from the rain collection for three seasons now and have been amazed at the durability and resiliency of the structure and color.  Because of the this amazing performance and low price, this is the only outdoor rug collection that we stock in our showroom.

Here are some tips about how to select the perfect outdoor rug for your space:

First, think about how you’ll use the rug. Will it be left outdoors in all seasons or will you store the piece indoors during the winter season? Will it be under a covered porch, in a sunroom or in an exposed area like a deck or patio?

If a rug will be a permanent outdoor fixture, the entire rug — including the backing and trim — should be 100 percent polypropylene to withstand harsh outdoor weather, resist mold and mildew, and maintain its size and color. One of the best things about polypropylene rugs is they maintain their size and shape, even after a cleaning using mild detergent, a scrub brush and a water hose.

Another durability factor to consider with outdoor rugs is color fading.  Outdoor rugs are solution dried and (the fibers) are extruded with color pigment. That means the color is part of the fiber, not separate, so it’s colorfast.  A quality rug will not stain or fade.

If you would like to learn more about outdoor rugs or the Surya Rain collection, visit our store and speak with one of our rug experts.  THANK YOU to all of our awesome customers!

Oriental Rug Water Damage


Mother Nature has been particularly unkind to the Southeast lately.  Our home in the heart of the Bluegrass in Kentucky has seen amazing temperature fluctuations, 3 feet of snow, and enough rain to cause flash flooding in the last 30 days.  With this crazy weather, our oriental rug cleaning service has been working overtime to help our clients who have experienced oriental rug water damage.  From flooded basements to burst pipes, here are a few tips for how to care for your investment experiencing oriental water damage.

Hopefully, your rug is only exposed to clean water.  This makes cleaning and decontamination much easier, and usually prevents color bleed.  Water from flooding is much more difficult to clean and often does not allow for restoration of original color and pile texture.

If the rug is still wet, it is going to be VERY heavy.  You need to remove the rug from the wet area as soon as possible.  You will likely need to use a shop vacuum to suction out water from the pile before attempting to move the rug.  Moving the rug while it is still soaking wet can not only damage the rug, but can also lead to personal injury.  Try to eliminate as much water as possible from the pile before moving.  Roll the rug, do not fold it to avoid permanent damage.

Next, your rug will need to be professionally cleaned, sooner rather than later.  Many people think that getting the rug dry should fix their problems, but that may actually be one of the root causes of their problems later down the road.  While the water from a burst pipe or flooded basement may look clean, by the time it reaches your rug, it is filled with contaminants.  Improper drying and storage of your rug will likely cause mold and mildew to set into the foundation of your rug.  Once this happens, the oriental rug water damage may be irreversible.

We know that you will have many problems to think about if this happens to you, but keeping your oriental rug investment safe involves acting as quickly as you can.  Contact your local, professional oriental rug cleaner as soon as possible.  If you do not have one in your area, contact your rug dealer.  They will have a cleaning service they can recommend for you.

Leave the rug damp (this may keep some stains from setting and becoming permanent.)  A soaking wet room size piece will be too heavy to move.  Some rug cleaning services have pickup services.  If not, you will need the rug to be as light as possible in order for you to transport it.  Use a shop vacuum to suction out as much water as possible.  If this is not available, a squeegee may also be substituted for decent results.

If possible, check your rug for any specifically damaged areas, such as rips, tears, or color bleed.  Be sure to let your rug cleaning professional know if you find any specific damages.

Assuming that your rug is cleaned quickly and does not have any major damage such as tears or color bleed, professional cleaning will likely restore your rug to it’s original condition.  Other damage success rate is dependent upon the type of damage, type of rug, and how quickly the rug was treated.  Hand-knotted wool rugs have our highest cleaning success rate.

For more information on oriental rug cleaning and oriental rug water damage, please contact us at 859-254-4412.  You can also get more information about our cleaning services at


Antique Reproduction Rugs

antique reproduction rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs have been a status symbol among the wealthy and elite for centuries.  Traditionally, antique oriental rugs have been reserved for the upper levels of society by high cost and limited supply.  In the United States, oriental rugs were not even readily available to the public until the early 1900’s.  With this status symbol out of reach of most consumers, manufacturers immediately responded by creating machine made rugs and handmade antique reproduction rugs for a fraction of the cost of the true antique.  Fast forward a century later, and handmade antique reproduction rugs have not only taken a large share of the handmade rug market, but have become the preference of most consumers.

Kalaty Allegro AL-636

Kalaty Allegro AL-636

Why is the antique oriental rug style so popular?  Beyond the status symbol, handmade rugs develop character and patina with use and age.  As the pile wears down and grows closer to the original knot and foundation, patterns get sharper.  And as natural dyes oxidize, they develop a softer color palette.  For years, manufacturers have worked to recreate the antique look in a new rug for a lower price, but most techniques involved chemically washing or manually distressing the pile which in turn damaged the rug.

As it turns out, the key to creating antique reproduction rugs that would pass the inspection of even the most discerning collector was not in creating new technologies, but in the return to old technologies and techniques.  Instead of spinning raw wool into yarn by machine (which creates a very uniform, perfect thread) manufacturers have returned to using hand-spinning wool, which creates a nubby texture and low pile.  Natural, vegetable dyes create soft, aged looks and striated colors from smaller batches of vat dyes (in contrast to chemical dyes which create uniform, high contrast colors.)

Kalaty Allegro AL-647

Kalaty Allegro AL-647

High quality antique reproduction rugs from manufacturers such as Kalaty, Pasargad, and Loloi take the process a step further with careful pile distressing and fringe dyeing techniques to add a worn, weathered look and texture to the pile.

If you would like to learn more about antique reproduction oriental rugs, visit our Lexington, Kentucky showroom.  We stock a huge selection of these rugs in various sizes, colors, and patterns.  You can also visit our website at .

Kalaty Artisan AN-041


Kalaty Artisan AN-041

Kalaty Artisan AN-041

Sometime you just need to take a step back and take a look at the old world with fresh eyes.  There are hundreds of applications for traditional oriental rugs in modern or contemporary homes.  Our Lexington, Kentucky client recently remodeled a lovely Cape Cod style home in a more contemporary style and was having a difficult time blending her more modern tastes with the traditional architecture.  We suggested the Kalaty Artisan collection.  This collection of oriental rugs with traditional motifs and patterns with narrow borders gave the room a transitional, yet timeless appeal.

Today’s oriental rug manufacturers are faced with a customer base that is demanding more modern styled rugs to fit with traditional decor.  This is challenge to say the least.  If a design is too modern, it will clash with traditional architecture.  And sticking with the same old rug designs is a sure way to slowly disappear in the marketplace.  Top manufacturers have found that tweaking antique oriental rug designs and utilizing today’s most popular colors can be a solution to this design problem.

The Kalaty Artisan Collection is an excellent example of this new production.  Traditional, repetitive background patterns are employed and paired with narrow, simple borders.  This allows rugs to be placed off-center in a room and still keep the setting balanced.  Small borders give a more modern appeal and do not take away from the overall pattern while still defining edges.  Simple color palettes in popular colors are used… our personal favorite is the smoke grey.  Each Kalaty Artisan rug is hand knotted using premium hand spun wool.

Our client on Clay Avenue elected to use very simple colors on walls and furniture, allowing accessories and oriental rugs to bring punches of vivid color to her decor.  The Kalaty Artisan AN-041 was the perfect fit for her needs.  The warm tones brought out the mid-tones in her rough-hewn hardwood floors and highlighted accessories in the room.  The rustic texture is soft on her feet, and complimentary of other fabrics and textures throughout the room.  She loved it!

You can see all of our beautiful oriental rugs in our Lexington, Kentucky showroom or visit us online at !

Loloi Nomad Rugs

loloi nomad rug collection

Is it time to look at the old world in a new way? Our manufacturers are making some amazing and beautiful new products using ancient techniques. The Loloi Nomad Collection is a great example of just how much can be done with new materials and design innovation in combination with old world rug making.

Featuring rich colors, ethnic patterns, and an earthy 100% jute fiber, the Loloi Nomad Collection from India pays homage to tribal design while updating the look for today’s interiors. The thick, hand-knotted pile and bold design make for an eye catching centerpiece in any room.

Traditionally, jute rugs are boring in pattern and color, and are simply not very soft.  The Loloi Nomad Rug collection is changing this observation quickly!  The sumptuous Loloi Nomad collection is distinguished by its plush feel and bright, bold color palette. Hand knotted with 100% jute from India, Nomad’s designs offer sophistication that works as an incredible centerpiece for a variety of room settings.

Having a showroom in Kentucky, the Loloi Nomad collection fits right in!  The colors, patterns, and texture are a favorite among our interior designers.  And our customers can appreciate a sustainable, biodegradable fiber (we farm a lot of fiber textiles here.)  If you would like to learn more about this collection, visit our showroom or check out our website

2015 Shamrock Shuffle 3k

It was dark. It was cold. It was raining. IT WAS AWESOME! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the 2015 Shamrock Shuffle 3k in support of Lexington Habitat for Humanity. People and events like this are what make this city great! Nice work Team Lexington Oriental Rugs, your shenanigans made us proud!

The Shamrock Shuffle 3k is an annual road race (for runners, duh) in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.  The proceeds from this wonderfully fun event support Lexington Habitat.  Lexington Oriental Rugs was happy to be chosen as the Presenting Sponsor for this local favorite among hardcore runners and first timers alike. Team LOR sponsors teams for many local charity events, but this team was our largest to date with almost 40 registered participants!

shamrockteamlor1 copyOur team represented us well in TERRIBLE weather!  While not all of us ran fast, everyone finished in style with lots of St. Patrick’s Day garb, one Gumby Costume, and one goofy dude in a horse head mask.  Three team members placed in their respective age groups, and both our women’s team and mixed coed teams placed in their categories as well.  Not too shabby!

The 2015 Shamrock Shuffle 3K (the 9th annual) was held March 14th, at 8am, in downtown Lexington.  This 1.8 trek through the heart of the Bluegrass is locally organized, and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Lexington Habitat for Humanity.  Since 1986, Lexington Habitat has helped 400 families achieve home ownership through building simple, decent, affordable housing alongside community volunteers. Find out how you can donate, volunteer or get involved at

shamrock shuffleIf you have read this blog before, you have heard us talking about Team Lexington Oriental Rugs. It’s a group of employees, clients, and friends that get together to participate in community events, charity road
races, and habitat builds. Team LOR is just our way of giving back to the community that has supported us while having a little fun along the way.  Why are we doing this? We like punishment. (Have you seen how many rugs we unload when we get new shipments?) And we love raising money for great charities. Would you like to get involved? Let us know.  We provide team members with a team jersey and sponsor entry into any events. Thanks for helping us to make our community the best!

Custom Kalaty Oushak

Kalaty Oushak OU-404If it were easy, everyone would do it.  If it was fast, it would be a commonplace occurrence.  Unfortunately, custom oriental rugs are neither fast, nor easy.  But when done expertly, they balance a room and make the decor stand out beautifully.  This OU-404 Kalaty Oushak was the perfect fit for our customer in need of a large round rug.

We exhausted nearly all options.  Large round oriental rugs just aren’t that easy to find.  Many manufacturers simply don’t make them.  Luckily, Kalaty Rugs has custom programs for nearly all of their amazing collections.  One of our favorites, and the perfect solution for our customer was the Kalaty Oushak Collection.

The Oushak collection accurately recreates both the look and feel of antique Oushak rugs in a livable and durable collection that is also surprisingly affordable for the amount of effort put into weaving them. Traditional Oushaks are woven with the intent of making the softest pile possible without sacrificing the density necessary to create an intricate pattern.  In order to achieve this goal, high grade wools are hand-spun and knotted onto hand-spun wool foundations.  Natural vegetable dyes are also used to create soft and very muted designs on soft background colors.  (That doesn’t mean that Oushaks can’t be very brightly colored.  Many of the earliest Oushak rugs were brightly colored, but these designs were taken from other areas.)

Considering how much effort and quality go into these antique reproductions, you would imagine that the price would be elevated accordingly.  Amazingly, these wonderfully constructed rugs are very affordable. Our customer was excited about the custom size program after seeing how the colors and patterns of an in-stock 8×10 rug looked in her room.  She was willing to wait a few months for her rug to be woven in just the right size and was ecstatic when we delivered and installed the finished product for her.  We were pretty happy with the results too!

See more of our rugs by visiting our showroom or check out our website at

Bowl for Kids’ Sake

I am not much of a bowler.  Not that I don’t enjoy bowling- I’m just not very good at it.  You could say it’s entertaining just how bad I am at such a simple game.  Every now and then, an event comes up that it so much fun that even I cannot pass up on it.  The 2015 Big Brothers Big Sister Bowl for Kids’ Sake was definitely one of those events.  Good friends, music, games, and food- and all for an an excellent cause.  What’s not to love other than my score?

bowl for kids' sakeBowl for Kids’ Sake is Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass’ largest and most successful fund raising event each year. For over 30 years, this event has helped to provide the resources needed to put mentors in the lives of children that need and want a Big Brother or Big Sister. Companies and other groups work together to create bowing teams of up to five participants. These teams raise donations by using pledge sheets.  Luckily for us, our pledges were not based on our scores.

Team Lexington Oriental Rugs is a group of Employees, Clients, Friends, and Family that participate in community activities to improve our Lexington Home!  Hugh James, owner of Lexington Furniture, was a Big Brother in the past, and has continued his support of the group by sponsoring a Bowl for Kids’ Sake team for many years.  If you would like to learn more about our team, please visit our facebook page at .

If you would like to learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass and how you can help their cause or participate in one of their events, visit their website at