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Rustic Cabin Rug

rustic cabin rugWe recently had a client who came to us looking for a rustic cabin rug.  Tribal oriental rugs typically look great in rustic settings and we jumped at the chance to see this customer’s home for ourselves!

This beautiful home was located in Paris, Kentucky and nestled next to a creek with a beautiful view of the water and open fields nearby.  As if the view wasn’t enough to make us jealous, this customer also had a wonderful collection of antique furniture and art that accentuated the look and feel of the cabin.

We wanted the rug to be large enough to provide ample coverage for a living room space with a full size sofa and chairs.  We also needed something that would work with a very large stone fireplace.  To keep with the rustic cabin feel, we decided to go with a tribal pattern with rusts, browns, blues, greens, and golds.

The customer gravitated towards the softness and durability of Indian rugs, so we worked to find an antique reproduction that would look the part of a centuries old tribal rug, but would have the softness underfoot of a new production rug.  This piece did just the trick.  With hand-spun wool and vegetable dyes, it looked old without the added wear and tear or added cost.

We love how this project turned out and applaud the work done by the interior designers involved.  Are you ready to create something beautiful?  We can help!  See all of our oriental rugs in our showroom or online at


Bourbon County Historic Home

historic home living room

kentucky homes and gardensWe made the cover!  Well, technically, the home and the interior designers made the cover of Kentucky Homes and Gardens Magazine.  But we had a rug and furniture as the focal point in this amazing Bourbon County historic home, and that makes us feel pretty special.  Actually, we had quite a few rugs and pieces of furniture for this client, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who was involved in the project!

The customer recently moved to Kentucky from Florida and began renovating this 1800’s home on a working horse farm in Bourbon County, near Georgetown and Paris.  The homeowners worked with both Kimbrel/Birkman Interiors and Polka Dots and Rosebuds Interiors to create a comfortable home with modern amenities and timeless decor.

historic home dining roomParts of the interior feature original hardwood floors, with reclaimed hardwoods filling spaces that could not be salvaged.  With this much hardwood, a few good quality oriental rugs would be needed.  The main living area features a large Nourison Nourmak with soft seafoam greens, rusts, and ivories.  The flat-woven texture gives the look and feel of a time-worn antique.

The formal dining room opens to an enclosed porch, and has very traditional Chipendale dining chairs and pedestal table.  Another rug from the Nourison Nourmak collection was chosen to accent wall colors and window treatments.

historic home living room 2The living room rug needed to be a bit larger, durable, and have a punch of color to highight green swivel chairs and window treatments.  This Afghani Peshawar met the demands of everyday heavy use, while keeping with the old-world, antique look of the decor.

A guest apartment off of the formal living room features sofas and loveseats with a damask pattern to match the overstuffed chair.  Two matching rugs from Jaipur Rug’s Opus collection added a punch of color to coordinate with existing distinctive patterns.

historic home guest roomWe love how this project turned out and applaud the work done by the interior designers involved.  Are you ready to create something beautiful?  We can help!  See all of our oriental rugs in our showroom or online at

Oriental Rug Project in Louisville

indian oushak oriental rug

We recently took on an oriental rug project in Louisville, Kentucky.  After searching locally for the perfect combination of oriental rugs to finish a new home, the homeowner and interior designer decided to make the 60 mile trek to Lexington Oriental Rug Co. to look for a solution.  After looking at floor plans, paint swatches, and fabric samples, we were able to make some suggestions about what we thought would fit the customer’s wants aesthetically and needs durably.

This home features dark, wide-planked wood floors, soft beige and blue walls, detailed white woodwork, and stone countertops.  Even without furniture or oriental rugs, the home was architecturally beautiful!  Our customer wanted a masculine rug in the office to coordinate with a rustic theme and adjoining rug in another room.  They also wanted a large living room rug to compliment the soft tones in the furniture that would be durable enough to handle heavy use.  The master bedroom required a large oriental rug with blue and beige tones.  This rug needed to be as soft as possible while remaining durable enough to handle to medium size dogs that have made the master bedroom their own.

afghan oriental rugThe oriental rug selection for the office was relatively easy.  The customer wanted brown and rust tones with a rustic feel.  (He also had an affinity for unique, one of a kind rugs.)  We selected a few Afghan rugs and he immediately gravitated towards this one.  The geometric patterns added a masculine element while the nubby texture of the hand-spun wool pile made this new rug look old and rustic.

For the living room, we narrowed down four or five selections to a single choice.  This 10×14 Indian Oushak perfectly blended the tones in the detailed woodwork and paint, while coordinating with furniture and fabrics.  The idea was to find a rug that tied it all together without stealing the show.  She wanted the rug to be seen and noticed, but not to be the focal point of the room.  Oushaks are known for being muted and soft, and this rug fit the space wonderfully.  (Plus, it is durable enough to withstand daily heavy traffic.)

karastan euphoria monoghanThe oriental rug that we chose for the master bedroom was selected by necessity.  Our customer had two primary needs that we took into account before color or pattern:  those were softness and durability.  We decided to look at the Karastan Euphoria collection.  This collection features Karastan’s proprietary Smartsilk fiber.  This fiber is amazing soft, feeling similar to a blend of silk and cashmere, with a built instain resistance.  Luckily, many of the rugs in this collection have a subdued color palette that worked well with existing colors and fabrics.  In the end, we went with the Monoghan Sandstone 90266-471.

We were elated that our customers were happy with our work and chose us as their source for oriental rugs.  If you would like to let our interior designers find the perfect rug for you, give us a call!  You can also shop our entire inventory online at

Kalaty Artisan AN-041


Kalaty Artisan AN-041

Kalaty Artisan AN-041

Sometime you just need to take a step back and take a look at the old world with fresh eyes.  There are hundreds of applications for traditional oriental rugs in modern or contemporary homes.  Our Lexington, Kentucky client recently remodeled a lovely Cape Cod style home in a more contemporary style and was having a difficult time blending her more modern tastes with the traditional architecture.  We suggested the Kalaty Artisan collection.  This collection of oriental rugs with traditional motifs and patterns with narrow borders gave the room a transitional, yet timeless appeal.

Today’s oriental rug manufacturers are faced with a customer base that is demanding more modern styled rugs to fit with traditional decor.  This is challenge to say the least.  If a design is too modern, it will clash with traditional architecture.  And sticking with the same old rug designs is a sure way to slowly disappear in the marketplace.  Top manufacturers have found that tweaking antique oriental rug designs and utilizing today’s most popular colors can be a solution to this design problem.

The Kalaty Artisan Collection is an excellent example of this new production.  Traditional, repetitive background patterns are employed and paired with narrow, simple borders.  This allows rugs to be placed off-center in a room and still keep the setting balanced.  Small borders give a more modern appeal and do not take away from the overall pattern while still defining edges.  Simple color palettes in popular colors are used… our personal favorite is the smoke grey.  Each Kalaty Artisan rug is hand knotted using premium hand spun wool.

Our client on Clay Avenue elected to use very simple colors on walls and furniture, allowing accessories and oriental rugs to bring punches of vivid color to her decor.  The Kalaty Artisan AN-041 was the perfect fit for her needs.  The warm tones brought out the mid-tones in her rough-hewn hardwood floors and highlighted accessories in the room.  The rustic texture is soft on her feet, and complimentary of other fabrics and textures throughout the room.  She loved it!

You can see all of our beautiful oriental rugs in our Lexington, Kentucky showroom or visit us online at !

Custom Kalaty Oushak

Kalaty Oushak OU-404If it were easy, everyone would do it.  If it was fast, it would be a commonplace occurrence.  Unfortunately, custom oriental rugs are neither fast, nor easy.  But when done expertly, they balance a room and make the decor stand out beautifully.  This OU-404 Kalaty Oushak was the perfect fit for our customer in need of a large round rug.

We exhausted nearly all options.  Large round oriental rugs just aren’t that easy to find.  Many manufacturers simply don’t make them.  Luckily, Kalaty Rugs has custom programs for nearly all of their amazing collections.  One of our favorites, and the perfect solution for our customer was the Kalaty Oushak Collection.

The Oushak collection accurately recreates both the look and feel of antique Oushak rugs in a livable and durable collection that is also surprisingly affordable for the amount of effort put into weaving them. Traditional Oushaks are woven with the intent of making the softest pile possible without sacrificing the density necessary to create an intricate pattern.  In order to achieve this goal, high grade wools are hand-spun and knotted onto hand-spun wool foundations.  Natural vegetable dyes are also used to create soft and very muted designs on soft background colors.  (That doesn’t mean that Oushaks can’t be very brightly colored.  Many of the earliest Oushak rugs were brightly colored, but these designs were taken from other areas.)

Considering how much effort and quality go into these antique reproductions, you would imagine that the price would be elevated accordingly.  Amazingly, these wonderfully constructed rugs are very affordable. Our customer was excited about the custom size program after seeing how the colors and patterns of an in-stock 8×10 rug looked in her room.  She was willing to wait a few months for her rug to be woven in just the right size and was ecstatic when we delivered and installed the finished product for her.  We were pretty happy with the results too!

See more of our rugs by visiting our showroom or check out our website at

Tuscan Inspired Design



Do you like tuscan inspired design?  If you’ve seen the September issue of Tops Magazine, you likely noticed the feature in the Tour of Homes… an amazing Tuscan-inspired home designed and remodeled by our very own Lindsey Shaffer and her husband Steve! Our on-staff interior designers are AWESOME. Great job Lindsey and Steve! See the full spread in the magazine or here:
Like their work? Like OUR PAGE! Thanks to all of our clients!

Oriental Rug Cleaning- Red Dye

Oriental rug cleaning involves a little knowledge of chemistry.  While we haven’t perfected turning lead into gold, we are still pretty handy with a chemistry set… This client had a small mishap involving a two year old and a bottle of grenadine. Normal cleaning didn’t even begin to eliminate this stain. (Red chemical dye is very resilient.)  The client tried spot cleaning at home- and our professional cleaning service had zero effect on target.  Did we give up? NO!

Fortunately, we have seen this type of stain before… and our time in Chemistry Lab at the University of Kentucky was well spent/  Our experts used a technique involving a very specific recipe with ingredients that targeted the red dye, dislodging it from the wool. It is a delicate process, with the solution being hand-painted onto the red stain in question. We think the results speak volumes.

While we can’t guarantee miracle results with all types of stains or damage, we like to think that our cleaning and repair services are top-notch.  When your oriental rug investment is in need of some care, come see us!  Thank you to all of our awesome customers!  #orientalrugcleaning #reddyeremoval  You can also learn about all of our oriental rug cleaning and repair services on our website by clicking here:

Afghan Rug in Living Room

afghan rugThe only thing better than the beautiful drive through Paris, KY was leaving this gorgeous Afghan rug in such an amazing home!

This customer came to us needing a large rug to fit in a space with existing furniture with a strong color palette.  She was concerned that finding a rug to accent her colors without being overwhelming was going to be an extreme challenge.  We introduced her to some of our Afghan rug collections.  These hand-spun wool, vegetable dyed collections are typically a little subdued in color and many have an overall repeating pattern without a large central medallion.  The soft rusts and golds accented the Autumn colors of her room and were muted enough not to compete with large green sofa or strong red chairs.

The Afghan rugs we showed here also had the added effect of looking antiqued because of the texture of the hand-spun wool.  This accented the stacked stone fireplace and complimented the antique rugs in neighboring rooms.

Thanks to these clients for allowing us to be a center piece in their living room! See more of what we have to offer at #orientalrugs

Happy Customers – Happy Rugman!

We just love it when our customers send us pictures of themselves enjoying our furniture and rugs! These particular clients have shopped with us for many years… We are always excited to see them, and even happier when we know they are satisfied with our work. Thanks to all of our awesome customers!

Nourison 2017 Black

nourison 2017 blkWhen you are helping a good friend’s mother find a rug- you just gotta get it right… We needed coordinating colors, we needed durability, and we needed to be in the right budget- the Nourison 2017 Black was the perfect solution! Thanks to all of our family, friends, and customers for allowing us to floor them everyday! #whenmomainthappyaintnobodyhappy #orientalrugs #nourison2000 #interiordesign