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Loloi Heirloom Collection

loloi heirloom

We just received our first rug from the new Loloi Heirloom Collection and we are awestruck!  Do we have a favorite new rug in our showroom?  Just maybe.  If you are into antique reproductions with modern colors for a transitional home, keep reading!

Loloi Rugs has long been on the cutting edge of modern decor.  They are very good at modifying their collections to exhibit the latest color combinations and designs.  In our opinion, the way to make an outstanding oriental rug is to combine the best of old-world weaving and techniques and design, with a flair of present through color or manipulation of pattern.

The Loloi Heirloom Collection really nails it.  They have been experimenting with some fabulous oushak weave and low-pile knotting (also called zero-pile.)
The modern color palettes, using light blues, greys, and ivories, is perfect for today’s home.

These rugs are also very competitively priced from the manufacturer, allowing anyone to afford an antique-looking rug at the fraction of the cost of the 100+ year old original.

We love this collection and think you will too.  You can see the entire collection at our showroom very soon.  You can also see them online by clicking here!

Loloi Kingsley

Loloi Kingsley

What are the hallmarks of valuable antique oriental rugs?  On initial inspection it would seem that most collectible antique rugs have a few similar characteristics.  The are evenly worn and very thin after at least 100 years of wear and tear.  They are faded in color from generations of natural light and oxidation of dyes.  The fibers are soft and smooth, developing a patina of sorts as they are massages by feet over decades.  What if you could mimic these attributes to a minute detail?  Let us introduce you to the Loloi Kingsley Collection.

Loloi Kingsley 04Oriental rug manufacturers have been looking for ways to make new rugs look antique essentially as long as rugs have existed.  While many questionable techniques exist to accelerate the aging process, the best way to make a new rug look old is by making it the old way.  Hand-spinning wool gives the pile a slightly nubby, more imperfect texture.  The lack of perfect spin and strength of thread requires that many of these rugs be sheared to a very low, thin pile.  Add to this mix the use of natural, vegetable dyes with some eye for very soft color and you end up with an antique looking rug.  It looks old because it is made the “old way.”  And with practice, some finer manufacturers have made collections that will pass as true antique rug at a mere fraction of the cost.

The Loloi Kinglsey collection of antique reproductions has left an outstanding impression on rug dealers and interior designers alike.  The pile height is very minimal, and the texture is reminiscent of rugs that are well into a century old.  Exceptionally soft color palette mimic decades of use and exposure to natural light.  The Loloi Kingsley Collection features traditional designs in subtle, sophisticated colors. Hand-knotted in Pakistan of 100% wool, each piece undergoes an antique washing and sun drying process to fade the designs. And thanks to its fine wool fiber, Kingsley is an easy collection to maintain.

If you would like to see the entire Loloi Kingsley collection, stop by our showroom and experience them for yourself.  You can also see them on our website by clicking here.

Loloi Xavier Jute Rug

loloi xavier jute rugWho says jute rugs have to be boring and rough textured?  Not us!  Manufacturers are doing some amazing things with natural materials such as jute. With some of the new techniques and manufacturing methods, jute weave can be soft, durable, and beautiful! This Loloi Xavier Jute Rug is a great example of how modern tastes and design are influencing old world materials and weaving.

Jute is a long vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads.  It is the same material that is used to make burlap, which is not very soft or comfortable on the skin.  Manufacturers of clothing and textiles have worked for decades to find ways to make jute softer and more durable.  Jute is easily sustainable, biodegradable, and inexpensive.  This is why manufacturers across many fields are researching ways to use this amazing fiber!  Even paper manufacturers are using just to try to combat deforestation.

loloi xavier xv05Traditionally, jute rugs are boring in pattern and color, and are simply not very soft.  The Loloi Xavier Jute Rug collection is changing this observation quickly!  The sumptuous Loloi Xavier Collection is distinguished by its plush feel and bright, bold color palette. Hand knotted with 100% jute from India, Xavier’s large scale Ikat design offers sophistication that works as an incredible centerpiece for a variety of room settings.

Having a showroom in Kentucky, the Loloi Xavier collection fits right in!  The colors, patterns, and texture are a favorite among our interior designers.  And our customers can appreciate a sustainable, biodegradable fiber (we farm a lot of fiber textiles here.)  If you would like to learn more about this collection, visit our showroom or check out our website www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com


Neutral Tone Rugs

As our annual September Sale comes to a close, we have already started preparing for new shipments of oriental rugs that will be arriving in October.  We use this opportunity to talk with our customers about what they want to see more of in the coming season and neutral tone rugs seem to be the hot ticket lately.

Lexington, Kentucky is home to Thoroughbred Racing and Bourbon Distilling, keeping our Bluegrass home steeped in traditional style and decor.  Think mahogany and leather and hardwood floors…  While the oriental rug world is based in traditional medallion designs in red and blue colors, the industry as a whole is charging headfirst into transitional and contemporary designs in neutral and grey tones.

At Lexington Oriental Rugs, we have worked hard to find a balance of what the hot new trend is and what our customers will actually place in their homes.  Slowly, but surely, Kentucky is moving into the transitional styled neutral tone rug.  Here are just a few of the new collections that we are offering to fit the changing styles of our customers while ensuring the durability and value that our standards require.

Loloi KensingtonLoloi Kensington Collection: Designed by renown interior decorator Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, the Kensington Collection by Loloi Rugs offers a selection of elegantly hand-knotted rugs crafted of 100% hand-spun viscose from bamboo. These fine pieces replicate traditional Persian rugs, but with a fresh color palette and design nuances to reflect today’s interiors. Each design is also accentuated by a luxurious sheen – thanks to its viscose from bamboo fiber – which adds a little modern appeal to this classic collection. See the collection here: http://bit.ly/1AV6mQJ

Kalaty Gramercy GR-674The Kalaty Gramercy Collection:  Fresh and charming… the Gramercy Collection is a fusion of traditional and transitional motifs with a fresh new look.  Here is a collection of fine transitional and modern designs handcrafted with a combination of premium wool & bamboo silk in a Lori-Loom weave.  See the colelction here: http://bit.ly/1wR0GHc



Kalaty Inspira IN-945Kalaty Inspira Collection:  Eco friendly and designed for today’s casual homes and lifestyles, the borderless rugs in the Inspira collection have a uniquely soft look and feel that gives them a special appeal. Hand knotted of 100% natural bamboo silk in a Tibetan weave.  See the collection here: http://bit.ly/1rvKVDL



Kalaty Portfolio PF-350The Kalaty Portfolio Collection:  A beautiful collection of transitional rug patterns by designer Parisa Abdollahi made with a combination of premium wool and bamboo silk in a Lori-Loom weave.  The patterns are a fusion of modern and traditional, capturing timelessness through color and classical architectural inspirations. – See more here: http://bit.ly/1uVZHDW

Loloi Kensington Oriental Rugs

Loloi Kensington Oriental Rugs

We have received the first of our Kensington Collection oriental rugs from Loloi! Designed by renown interior decorator Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, these rugs offers a selection of elegantly hand-knotted oriental rugs crafted of 100% hand-spun viscose from bamboo. These fine pieces replicate traditional Persian rugs, but with a fresh color palette and design nuances to reflect today’s interiors.

Our interior designers love the soft color palette and how the traditional Persian oriental rug design is made modern with a simple, thin border.  Our customers love the sheen and soft feels of bamboo silk without the high cost of real silk.  Bamboo Silk has much of the same look and feel as silk, but is a more sustainable and lower cost alternative. The decision to use Bamboo Silk came after vigorous testing and comparisons to alternative products to ensure we were maintaining the highest quality for our oriental rugs and our source was consistent in providing high quality.

See the full collection here: http://bit.ly/1AV6mQJ