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Oriental Rug Project in Louisville

indian oushak oriental rug

We recently took on an oriental rug project in Louisville, Kentucky.  After searching locally for the perfect combination of oriental rugs to finish a new home, the homeowner and interior designer decided to make the 60 mile trek to Lexington Oriental Rug Co. to look for a solution.  After looking at floor plans, paint swatches, and fabric samples, we were able to make some suggestions about what we thought would fit the customer’s wants aesthetically and needs durably.

This home features dark, wide-planked wood floors, soft beige and blue walls, detailed white woodwork, and stone countertops.  Even without furniture or oriental rugs, the home was architecturally beautiful!  Our customer wanted a masculine rug in the office to coordinate with a rustic theme and adjoining rug in another room.  They also wanted a large living room rug to compliment the soft tones in the furniture that would be durable enough to handle heavy use.  The master bedroom required a large oriental rug with blue and beige tones.  This rug needed to be as soft as possible while remaining durable enough to handle to medium size dogs that have made the master bedroom their own.

afghan oriental rugThe oriental rug selection for the office was relatively easy.  The customer wanted brown and rust tones with a rustic feel.  (He also had an affinity for unique, one of a kind rugs.)  We selected a few Afghan rugs and he immediately gravitated towards this one.  The geometric patterns added a masculine element while the nubby texture of the hand-spun wool pile made this new rug look old and rustic.

For the living room, we narrowed down four or five selections to a single choice.  This 10×14 Indian Oushak perfectly blended the tones in the detailed woodwork and paint, while coordinating with furniture and fabrics.  The idea was to find a rug that tied it all together without stealing the show.  She wanted the rug to be seen and noticed, but not to be the focal point of the room.  Oushaks are known for being muted and soft, and this rug fit the space wonderfully.  (Plus, it is durable enough to withstand daily heavy traffic.)

karastan euphoria monoghanThe oriental rug that we chose for the master bedroom was selected by necessity.  Our customer had two primary needs that we took into account before color or pattern:  those were softness and durability.  We decided to look at the Karastan Euphoria collection.  This collection features Karastan’s proprietary Smartsilk fiber.  This fiber is amazing soft, feeling similar to a blend of silk and cashmere, with a built instain resistance.  Luckily, many of the rugs in this collection have a subdued color palette that worked well with existing colors and fabrics.  In the end, we went with the Monoghan Sandstone 90266-471.

We were elated that our customers were happy with our work and chose us as their source for oriental rugs.  If you would like to let our interior designers find the perfect rug for you, give us a call!  You can also shop our entire inventory online at www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com

Kalaty Murano Rugs

Kalaty Murano MR-562A basic rule of interior design is that if you combine antique and modern elements into your decor that your look will never go out of style.  That is exactly what you get with the Kalaty Murano collection of oriental rugs.  Classic style with a modern twist- old world patterns with today’s newest colors and minimal borders. The Kalaty Murano collection is a great way to tie your more modern style to elements of the past!

The Kalaty Murano Collection is a group of Oushak-weave rugs featuring narrow borders and patterns that are transitional interpretations of tribal designs.  Even without consideration for color and design, these rugs stand alone as a testament to quality, value, and durability.  Hand-knotted with high-grade New Zealand wool, and naturally dyed- these rugs give the look and feel of a century old antique with enough toughness to handle everyday wear and tear.

Kalaty Murano MR-563While the nubby texture and soft feel of this Oushak weave is excellent, the most recognizable feature of the Kalaty Murano Collection is the unique coloration.  Antique vegetable dye rugs display Abrash, or variations of individual colors within the weave due to changes in dye lots.  Natural vegetable dyeing processes use small vats and batches of dye.  And while this is an art form reserved for masters, it is still impossible to recreate exact shades of color.  The Kalaty Murano Collection takes this naturally occurring effect and amplifies it, with soft waves of stronger and lighter color as you move across the rug.  This not only adds to the antique effect, but it also gives a slightly more transitional modern feel to an old world pattern.

The Kalaty Murano Collection is soft.  It is beautiful.  It is durable.  It is timeless.  To truly experience this collection, you need to see it in person.  Visit our showroom to see the complete line of Kalaty Murano rugs.  Or visit our website here: http://bit.ly/15BvXoL

Kalaty Delano Rug Collection

Kalaty Delano

Rug manufacturers have been striving to develop techniques to make new rugs look antique for as long as I can remember.  Every year, the get closer to creating a new rug with the look and feel of a 100 year old antique that will fool even the most discerning eye.  The Kalaty Delano Rug Collection is one of the finest examples of great antique reproductions that the market has to offer.  As beautiful in it’s ancient techniques as it is with today’s modern colors, the Kalaty Delano collection is a favorite among our designers.

Kalaty Delano DL-104It can be hard for us in the rug industry to select an individual rug that is our “favorite” in our collection.  I no longer have this issue.  The Kalaty Delano DL-102 has stolen my heart.  There is just something so perfect about the antique pattern with soft, modern colors.  The pattern is a slightly geometric, repetitive field.  The colors are soft beiges, golds, and hints of soft blues and browns.  Where the pattern may be slightly masculine, the colors are more feminine, creating a delicate balance that will look amazing in the right room.

Kalaty Delano Collection rugs are low-pile, hand-knotted rugs, woven as a stylish mix of traditional patterns and high-fashion colors. Hand knotted using 100% premium hand-spun wool and finished with a special wash, each rug in the Delano collection features a special luster and a signature luxurious appearance.  The photos here are great representations, but the texture that makes rug professionals so excited must be seen in person to truly be experienced.

We carry the full line of Kalaty Delano rugs in our Lexington, Kentucky showroom.  You can stop in and see them anytime.  We are just a short drive from Louisville, and Cincinnati. You can also see the full collection on our website here.

Oushak Rugs

Kalaty Kozan Oushak Rugs

You think the blankey your grew up with as a kid was soft?  You obviously haven’t experienced the feel of high quality Oushak Rugs.  THAT’S SOFT.  These hand-knotted rugs are the very definition of luxury and style… and one of the overall goals in the weaving process is to create the softest, smoothest, best feel you can get underfoot.  Want to feel what we are talking about?

Oushak originated in Western Turkey at the beginning of the Ottoman period. Collectors and museums revere originals as great masterpieces of early Turkish carpet weaving from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries.  They vary in pattern with central medallion designs as well as patterns of smaller allover medallions or scattered sprays of vine scroll and palmettes. They are notable for the grand, monumental scale of the designs, often a subdued palette in soft apricot and golden saffron tones whose pleasing qualities are enhanced by their particularly soft and lustrous wool.

While original, antique Oushak rugs may be out of our price range, recent innovations in weaving techniques have brought reproduction Oushaks within reach of most homeowners.  The resurgence of hand-spun wool and vegetable dye weaving, in combination with the import of high-grade New Zealand wool has allowed many manufacturers to create a look and feel that is almost inseparable from the original antique rugs.  These new pieces look like masterpieces, but cost much, much less.

The Kozan collection by Kalaty Rugs is one of our favorites.  Easy on the eye and soft underfoot, the rugs in the Kozan collection feature traditional Oushak designs that are hand knotted using 100% hand-spun wool in a Turkish knot weave. These vintage-inspired colors and patterns elevate your beautiful rooms to an entirely new level. So very fashionable!  You can see the Kozan collection in our showroom, or see them on our website here: http://bit.ly/1tncWex

My personal favorite is the KZ-126.  The soft yellows and light blues give a room a touch of color without being overly aggressive.  Truly beautiful.  See it here: www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com/rug/1750/Vintage_Home_-_Konya

New Shipment of Oriental Rugs!

new oriental rug shipmentGood things come to those who wait, right?  Our latest shipment of beautiful handmade oriental rugs has finally arrived!  We received over 200 pieces in sizes from 2×3 up to 10×14, in a huge array of colors and styles… hurry in NOW to get the best selection and see the latest designer looks.

All of the received rugs are hand-knotted and made of either wool or wool and silk.  Most of the pieces come from India or Afghanistan.  Each oriental rug has been hand-selected and inspected by our on-staff rug expert, Chad Tussey.  The process that each oriental goes through before receiving the LOR Originals tag is strenuous.  Only the top 5% of all rugs we see receive this label.  Every rug is inspected for quality, and receives an individual identification number before it is made available for sale.  Each rug is also carefully photographed for record and for listing on our website.  You can see the entire selection of new pieces here:  www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com/rugs/new-rug-arrivals

Check out our latest video to see the efforts that go into inspecting and tagging every rug in our new shipments before they make it onto our racks available for sale…

Nourison 2206 Brown

Nourison 2206 Brown

We recently delivered a 9×12 Nourison 2206 Brown oriental rug to a customer in the Hamburg neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky.  We love how the rug looks with the existing furniture and decor.  The customer loves saving 20% on her next family heirloom.  Here is the story of how this room came together and how our customer saved hundreds on a rug she loves.

The Nourison 2000 collection is arguably Nourison’s most popular and most successful grouping of rugs.  These pieces are high quality hand-tufted rugs made with soft and durable New Zealand wool and accented with silk highlights.  This construction is comparable to hand-knotted wool and silk rugs in look, feel, and durability, but can be found at a fraction of the cost due to the increase in speed of production of hand-tufting versus hand knotting.  This collection is extensive and has a huge variety of designs and color palettes, and also comes in multiple sizes.  Customers love the selection and price, dealers love the durability and variety of sizes.

The Nourison 2206 Brown is one of our favorite withing the collection.  It has a relatively neutral color palette with deep browns, beige, and soft golds accented with reds and hints of green.  The 2206 Brown also has a coordinating design, the 2206 Camel, that is basically the reverse of the colors with a slightly different pattern.  Both rugs work perfectly in autumn colored rooms.

Our customer came to us with more needs than wants.  She has a young son, who like most boys, can be a little hard on furniture and rugs.  She also had existing furniture and wall colors that were not an option to change.  The Nourison 2206 Brown was perfect fit!  She loved the overall look and feel of the rug, and the colors fit well in the room.  She was also happy to know about the extreme durability of the collection and its ability to be cleaned.  Combine that with Nourison’s semi-annual sale, and she saved a whopping 20% on the perfect rug!

If you would like to see more rugs, visit our showroom to see the thousands that we keep in stock, or visit our website at www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com .  Thanks to all of our awesome customers!

Working With Color

working with color

Considering the product we sell on a daily basis, you could say that we have a little practice working with color.  Selecting a single color can be fun and easy, but creating a combination of colors that creates harmony within a room (or throughout a whole house) can be a bit more challenging.  The use of in-between colors can help you connect tones from you fabrics and rugs to your walls in easier ways.

We’ve always been fans of in-between colors — those indescribable shades that fall somewhere between one hue and another on the color wheel. These colors rarely look the same from one time of day to the next. And because these shades are harder to pin down, you’re less likely to grow tired of them.  With Grey tones being popular right now, it is easy to understand how many shades of a basic color are possible, and how different they can look in varying light conditions.  Is it blue?  Is it grey?  Is it green?  Can it be all of those at once?

We like to use these “chamelion” colors when we have more defined color palettes in our rugs and furniture selections.  This allows our clients to explore color without fear of the room becoming too colorful.  This room is a great example of how introducing an in-between neutral into a room with a purple sofa and green chairs can calm the senses. Working with color is about balance.

The more muted tones in the oriental rug selection also help tie the room together.  While the rug has the stronger colors that exist in the upholstery and the painting, the tones are soft and muted in a way that defines the furniture setting without stealing the show.  A bloom of color that softly contributes to the overall symphony of design without a solo.

Want to learn more about how we put rooms together for our clients?  Stop in our showroom and speak with one of our on-staff interior designers.  You can also see many more rooms we have worked with on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/rugslex .  Visit our website to see a full selection of all of the beautiful oriental rugs we have to offer.  Thanks for reading!

Simple Oriental Rugs

simple oriental rug

Keeping it simple can be the key to pulling a room together. While a splash of color can be great, sometimes you need an oriental rug to tie together a setting without stealing the show. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.  Simple patterns and soft color palettes can be an easy fix for oriental rugs in rooms with distinct color and pattern.

When a customer approaches us with “difficult” patterns and colors, they are usually frustrated and just looking for a solution.  Often they are simply looking in the wrong place for the wrong oriental rug.  Oriental rugs are famous for vibrant colors and intricate patterns, but don’t necessarily need to fit that description to look amazing in your room.

Try looking for oriental rugs with simple, repeating patterns, and soft, muted colors.  We find that many Afghani hand-spun wool- vegetable dyed rugs are soft enough in pattern and color that they will fit perfectly into a space without attracting too much attention.  We want the rug to provide an anchor for the setting and to define the seating area.  Ideally the rug will have elements of color that accentuate the colors on the walls and furniture around it.  Imagine it as a symphony orchestra.  The conductor pulls all of the different elements of sound together, but yet the conductor himself is not the focus of the show.

Here is a link to a few of our favorite Afghan rugs with soft tones and colors.  Our interior designers and staff think that these are amazing oriental rugs in terms of both design and value.  We think you will like them too!  http://bit.ly/1rRk7iD

Oriental Rug Cleaning- Red Dye

Oriental rug cleaning involves a little knowledge of chemistry.  While we haven’t perfected turning lead into gold, we are still pretty handy with a chemistry set… This client had a small mishap involving a two year old and a bottle of grenadine. Normal cleaning didn’t even begin to eliminate this stain. (Red chemical dye is very resilient.)  The client tried spot cleaning at home- and our professional cleaning service had zero effect on target.  Did we give up? NO!

Fortunately, we have seen this type of stain before… and our time in Chemistry Lab at the University of Kentucky was well spent/  Our experts used a technique involving a very specific recipe with ingredients that targeted the red dye, dislodging it from the wool. It is a delicate process, with the solution being hand-painted onto the red stain in question. We think the results speak volumes.

While we can’t guarantee miracle results with all types of stains or damage, we like to think that our cleaning and repair services are top-notch.  When your oriental rug investment is in need of some care, come see us!  Thank you to all of our awesome customers!  #orientalrugcleaning #reddyeremoval  You can also learn about all of our oriental rug cleaning and repair services on our website by clicking here: http://www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com/rug-care-cleaning/

Oriental Rug Emergency Room

Bugsy is always getting into the wine...

Welcome to the O.R.E.R., the oriental rug emergency room.  You won’t find flashing lights, high-tech equipment, or a large staff of medical professionals here.  You will find some simple rules and a little common sense to keep your rugs alive an kicking for a lifetime to come.

When a customer takes home one of our rugs, they usually leave with a business card with my cell phone number on the back.  We do this because we know that inevitably someone will spill red wine or some other stain-inducing substance on their rug after hours, and the customer will “freak out.”

They will call, and we tell all of them the same thing:  Calm down, you only need the following- vacuum cleaner, water, club soda, clean towel.”

If you spill something on your rug, immediately remove as much of the offending spill as possible.  If it is dry, use a vacuum.  If it is a wet solid, remove as much as possible using a spoon.  If it is a liquid, use the clean towel to blot away as much as possible without rubbing it in.

Next, if the stain is still apparent, or if the offending spill was something such as urine that would eventually rear it’s ugly head after the fact, saturate the area with either water or clear club soda.  (Club soda sometimes work better than water because the bubbles help break up stains.)  One saturated, use a clean towel to blot away as much of the moisture as possible.  Repeat until the stain or smell is gone.

Allow the rug to dry, it can also be handy to place a clean paper towel underneath the rug between the rug and your floors to expedite drying time.

If you are unable to get the stain out using these methods, contact your rug professional, they will tell you what to do.

There is also a list of actions not to do.  Do not steam clean your rug.  Do not dry clean it.  No shampoos, no chemical spot cleaners, no enzymes, no Oxyclean.  If you cannot remove the stain with water, call your rug professional first before trying anything else.  (These methods can cause damage to your rug or induce color bleed.)

Seriously, don’t get too nervous.  Handmade wool rugs are very resilient.  Wool is difficult to stain and easy to clean.  After all, anything you could possibly do rugs, I have done to the rugs in my home at least twice!