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Loloi Kingsley

Loloi Kingsley

What are the hallmarks of valuable antique oriental rugs?  On initial inspection it would seem that most collectible antique rugs have a few similar characteristics.  The are evenly worn and very thin after at least 100 years of wear and tear.  They are faded in color from generations of natural light and oxidation of dyes.  The fibers are soft and smooth, developing a patina of sorts as they are massages by feet over decades.  What if you could mimic these attributes to a minute detail?  Let us introduce you to the Loloi Kingsley Collection.

Loloi Kingsley 04Oriental rug manufacturers have been looking for ways to make new rugs look antique essentially as long as rugs have existed.  While many questionable techniques exist to accelerate the aging process, the best way to make a new rug look old is by making it the old way.  Hand-spinning wool gives the pile a slightly nubby, more imperfect texture.  The lack of perfect spin and strength of thread requires that many of these rugs be sheared to a very low, thin pile.  Add to this mix the use of natural, vegetable dyes with some eye for very soft color and you end up with an antique looking rug.  It looks old because it is made the “old way.”  And with practice, some finer manufacturers have made collections that will pass as true antique rug at a mere fraction of the cost.

The Loloi Kinglsey collection of antique reproductions has left an outstanding impression on rug dealers and interior designers alike.  The pile height is very minimal, and the texture is reminiscent of rugs that are well into a century old.  Exceptionally soft color palette mimic decades of use and exposure to natural light.  The Loloi Kingsley Collection features traditional designs in subtle, sophisticated colors. Hand-knotted in Pakistan of 100% wool, each piece undergoes an antique washing and sun drying process to fade the designs. And thanks to its fine wool fiber, Kingsley is an easy collection to maintain.

If you would like to see the entire Loloi Kingsley collection, stop by our showroom and experience them for yourself.  You can also see them on our website by clicking here.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

oriental rug cleaning

The great hallmarks of hand-knotted oriental rugs are their durability and ability to be cleaned and repaired. Professional oriental rug cleaning and repair will not only keep your rug looking great, but it will also ensure that your oriental rug investment will last for generations to come.

Our client in the Hamburg area of Lexington, Kentucky was in need of some restoration for their 9×12 Indian Oushak.  This soft woven rug was placed in a main traffic area, and was also at the mercy of two large dogs that used it as a launch point for running across the house. (The main floor was all tile.)  With just a few years of use, this rug began to show heavy wear, damaged fringe, and torn selvedges (the bound area on the edges of the rug.)

First, the rug was professionally cleaned, using a delicate technique that removed dirt and soil from the pile without stripping away the natural lanolin oils in the wool fiber.  This brightened the light background, enlivened the color, and made the wool soft and supple once again.  Oushak rugs are desired for their high-grade wools and soft piles, so proper cleaning was essential to restore the wool to its original texture and feel.

After the rug was cleaned, damaged fringe areas were trimmed and secured to ensure further wear would not continue to damage the foundation of the rug.  All four corners of the rug had experienced heavy enough wear that the selvedge had pulled away from the foundation of the rug in large sections.  These damaged areas were removed and replaced, restoring the selvedges to their original condition.

After the cleaning and repair phase was complete, a custom fit pad was used to hold the rug in place on the tile floor.  Because of the soft, flexible nature of an oushak weave and the slick tile floor, this rug was experiencing undue wear and tear.  The use of a correct pad fixed this problem.

If you have any questions about oriental rug cleaning and repair, contact your local oriental rug expert.  DO NOT have your rug steam cleaned or dry cleaned.  Oriental rug cleaning is a delicate and specialized task and should be done by trained professionals only.  You can learn more about our cleaning and repair services by clicking here.

Custom Kalaty Oushak

Kalaty Oushak OU-404If it were easy, everyone would do it.  If it was fast, it would be a commonplace occurrence.  Unfortunately, custom oriental rugs are neither fast, nor easy.  But when done expertly, they balance a room and make the decor stand out beautifully.  This OU-404 Kalaty Oushak was the perfect fit for our customer in need of a large round rug.

We exhausted nearly all options.  Large round oriental rugs just aren’t that easy to find.  Many manufacturers simply don’t make them.  Luckily, Kalaty Rugs has custom programs for nearly all of their amazing collections.  One of our favorites, and the perfect solution for our customer was the Kalaty Oushak Collection.

The Oushak collection accurately recreates both the look and feel of antique Oushak rugs in a livable and durable collection that is also surprisingly affordable for the amount of effort put into weaving them. Traditional Oushaks are woven with the intent of making the softest pile possible without sacrificing the density necessary to create an intricate pattern.  In order to achieve this goal, high grade wools are hand-spun and knotted onto hand-spun wool foundations.  Natural vegetable dyes are also used to create soft and very muted designs on soft background colors.  (That doesn’t mean that Oushaks can’t be very brightly colored.  Many of the earliest Oushak rugs were brightly colored, but these designs were taken from other areas.)

Considering how much effort and quality go into these antique reproductions, you would imagine that the price would be elevated accordingly.  Amazingly, these wonderfully constructed rugs are very affordable. Our customer was excited about the custom size program after seeing how the colors and patterns of an in-stock 8×10 rug looked in her room.  She was willing to wait a few months for her rug to be woven in just the right size and was ecstatic when we delivered and installed the finished product for her.  We were pretty happy with the results too!

See more of our rugs by visiting our showroom or check out our website at www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com.

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

The purchase of a quality oriental rug is an investment.  You give your hard-earned money for a product that you expect to look and feel good for a lifetime of use.  Normal wear and tear will take many years to damage your rug, but along the way accidents are bound to happen.  Professional oriental rug cleaning and repair will ensure that your investment survives unexpected damage and lives to be passed down for generations.

Oriental rug cleaning and repairWe are a retailer of oriental rugs in Lexington, Kentucky.  We also provide oriental rug cleaning and repair services for our customers to make it easy for them to maintain their investment.  It is important to make sure that your oriental rug is cleaned and repaired by professionals who specialize in area rugs.  Be sure to avoid places that steam clean, dry clean, or use harsh chemicals on your rug.

Take this Indian Heriz we recently cleaned and repaired for our local client recently.  She came in with a rug that was beginning to look slightly “dulled and dingy” and had area along the selvedge (the bound edges) that were torn and beginning to fray.  Without proper oriental rug cleaning and repair, the dirt and dust trapped in the pile of the rug would begin to erode the foundation of the rug causing accelerated wear and tear.  The torn selvedge would continue to grown and would eventually damage the foundation of the rug, requiring reweaving.

oriental rug cleaning and repairAfter an extensive cleaning, the color and softness of pile returned to the rug.  Our staff also repaired the selvedge and overcast the edge with double thickness for added strength in a heavily trafficked area.  This rug not only looked better, but was now softer and stronger than when it came in!

if you would like to learn more about our oriental rug cleaning and repair services, please contact us at 859-254-4412 or visit our website.


Kalaty Murano Rugs

Kalaty Murano MR-562A basic rule of interior design is that if you combine antique and modern elements into your decor that your look will never go out of style.  That is exactly what you get with the Kalaty Murano collection of oriental rugs.  Classic style with a modern twist- old world patterns with today’s newest colors and minimal borders. The Kalaty Murano collection is a great way to tie your more modern style to elements of the past!

The Kalaty Murano Collection is a group of Oushak-weave rugs featuring narrow borders and patterns that are transitional interpretations of tribal designs.  Even without consideration for color and design, these rugs stand alone as a testament to quality, value, and durability.  Hand-knotted with high-grade New Zealand wool, and naturally dyed- these rugs give the look and feel of a century old antique with enough toughness to handle everyday wear and tear.

Kalaty Murano MR-563While the nubby texture and soft feel of this Oushak weave is excellent, the most recognizable feature of the Kalaty Murano Collection is the unique coloration.  Antique vegetable dye rugs display Abrash, or variations of individual colors within the weave due to changes in dye lots.  Natural vegetable dyeing processes use small vats and batches of dye.  And while this is an art form reserved for masters, it is still impossible to recreate exact shades of color.  The Kalaty Murano Collection takes this naturally occurring effect and amplifies it, with soft waves of stronger and lighter color as you move across the rug.  This not only adds to the antique effect, but it also gives a slightly more transitional modern feel to an old world pattern.

The Kalaty Murano Collection is soft.  It is beautiful.  It is durable.  It is timeless.  To truly experience this collection, you need to see it in person.  Visit our showroom to see the complete line of Kalaty Murano rugs.  Or visit our website here: http://bit.ly/15BvXoL

Loloi Xavier Jute Rug

loloi xavier jute rugWho says jute rugs have to be boring and rough textured?  Not us!  Manufacturers are doing some amazing things with natural materials such as jute. With some of the new techniques and manufacturing methods, jute weave can be soft, durable, and beautiful! This Loloi Xavier Jute Rug is a great example of how modern tastes and design are influencing old world materials and weaving.

Jute is a long vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads.  It is the same material that is used to make burlap, which is not very soft or comfortable on the skin.  Manufacturers of clothing and textiles have worked for decades to find ways to make jute softer and more durable.  Jute is easily sustainable, biodegradable, and inexpensive.  This is why manufacturers across many fields are researching ways to use this amazing fiber!  Even paper manufacturers are using just to try to combat deforestation.

loloi xavier xv05Traditionally, jute rugs are boring in pattern and color, and are simply not very soft.  The Loloi Xavier Jute Rug collection is changing this observation quickly!  The sumptuous Loloi Xavier Collection is distinguished by its plush feel and bright, bold color palette. Hand knotted with 100% jute from India, Xavier’s large scale Ikat design offers sophistication that works as an incredible centerpiece for a variety of room settings.

Having a showroom in Kentucky, the Loloi Xavier collection fits right in!  The colors, patterns, and texture are a favorite among our interior designers.  And our customers can appreciate a sustainable, biodegradable fiber (we farm a lot of fiber textiles here.)  If you would like to learn more about this collection, visit our showroom or check out our website www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com


Muted Oriental Rugs

muted oriental rug

A rug doesn’t have to exhibit vibrant color to be beautiful… Some of the most skilled artisans in the world specialize in creating soft, muted oriental rugs. A lifetime of work goes into learning how to harmonize color and to let subtle differences bring out the beauty in a handmade work of art.

While synthetic dyes can be used to create soft, muted colors, natural dyes have been the standard in oriental rugs for over 3000 years.  As with any dye, creating brighter and stronger color variations is typically easier.  Once a dye is created, you can simply continually overdye a material to create stronger colors.  Softer colors require more skill and patience.  Most muted oriental rugs will be made of wool, which is a material that must be mordanted before it can be dyed in a colorfast manner.  Because of the natural oils in wool, not all colors can be dyed, and softer colors can be more challenging.

Maybe this is why we appreciate soft and muted colors in oriental rugs so much.  Creating a batch of light colored wool requires a skilled hand- trying to create multiple batches with vegetable dyes that are similar enough to use in oriental rugs requires a master’s touch.  A difference of a couple of degrees in cooking temperature, or a miniscule variation of the dye recipe can create a completely different shade of color.

The design process using muted colors also requires an artists touch.  Blending primary colors or traditional reds, blues, and golds can be simple.  Finding harmony among soft blues, beiges, golds, and browns requires experience.  And in many cases, finding the perfect balance of color takes trial and error.

One example is the current trends of grey colors.  Wool is naturally a light, buttery color.  Simply dying wool grey usually results in brown tones.  It has taken years of effort and experimentation for high end manufacturers to create color recipes and combinations to appease today’s interior designers.

We find beauty in the small details and the thousands of variations of muted oriental rugs.  We hope that you will too.  THANK YOU to all of the customers that allow us to work with his amazing art form everyday! You can see a huge selection of great oriental rugs at www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com

Pasargad Mahal Rug

Pasargad Mahal RugYou could say that we are the leading edge in the battle against cold feet this winter.  This exceptional Pasargad Mahal Rug is the latest weapon in our arsenal to defeat ice cold toes.  Sure, it’s beautiful and warm you say, but is it soft?  If clouds had a soft pillow to sleep on, this would be it.

This Hamburg area client came to us in need of something functional and durable in her dining area, something soft and warm for cold Kentucky winters, and something beautiful to tie together a collection of antique and modern styled furnishing.

This Pasargad Mahal Rug was the perfect fit.  Hand-knotted for durability to last generations, made of high-grade New Zealand wool for maximum softness and warmth.  This rug also combined vivid color with an antique mahal pattern that worked well to tie this customer’s traditional furniture with her modern, colorful art.

Antique Mahal rugs from the 1850’s- and 1870’s are some of the best examples of fine Persian color and design and command an amazingly high price range. These art level carpets are mainly affordable to royalty and rock stars… and this is most due to the age of the carpet. Add to the mix and embargo on Persian goods and these investment quality pieces have become nearly impossible to afford for dealers and consumers alike.

This creates a need for art level hand-knotted carpets at everyday affordable prices.  Maybe this is why we love the Pasargad Mahal Rugs so much. These pieces are hand-knotted in India of 100% New Zealand hand-spun wool. Inspired by 18th century Persian weaving traditions, these antique reproductions are copied with exacting detail. The hand-spun wool and vegetable dyes recreate not only the weaving style, but the depth of color and texture that makes these works of art nearly perfect replicas of the original antique rugs. Essentially, you get the same construction, pattern, color, and design of the antique rug… without the 150 year age… and without the rock star price range.

The Mahal collection is one of the favorites of our staff and clients alike. Stop in our showroom to see the collection for yourself or check out our website to see the full line from your computer here: Pasargad Mahal Rugs

Kalaty Soumac

Kalaty Soumac

This Kalaty Soumac is exceptional.  It looks like a normal oriental rug (squinting).  It sounds like an oriental rugs (stomping feet across the carpet).  It tastes like an oriental rug (chewing on fringe.)  It must be an oriental rug…  Well, yes and no.  This type of rug is called a soumac, and they are a type of oriental rug in a class of their own.

Soumacs are commonly and generally called flatweaves.  They can also sometimes be called kilims, but there are structural differences between soumac and kilim weaves.  Soumacs are pileless and are constructed using a network of continuous weaves on a cotton warp and weft instead of individual knots. Soumacs generally require less time and skilled labor to produce, and therefore usually cost less to produce.  This cost effectiveness combined with a unique texture that many times mimics worn antiques and a unique range of color palletes have made the soumac very popular among interior designers and decorators.

Kalaty Soumac rugs are some of our favorites because of their quality and the variety of sizes and designs available.  These soumacs are double-sided flat-weave designs with a herringbone texture on both sides. Hand-crafted with the finest quality imported wool; patterns and motifs display a mélange of classic Sultan Abad, Mahal and Nomadic design inspirations.

We love how this design (see it here) brought a punch of color to a room with vibrant contemporary art in an adjoining room.  This customer needed a rug that would act as a blending point between a room with louder color and a softer, more traditional setting.  This did the trick perfectly.

We love the Kalaty Soumac collection and think you will too.  See the entire collection on our website here!  Thank you to all of our awesome customers!

Oushak Rugs

Kalaty Kozan Oushak Rugs

You think the blankey your grew up with as a kid was soft?  You obviously haven’t experienced the feel of high quality Oushak Rugs.  THAT’S SOFT.  These hand-knotted rugs are the very definition of luxury and style… and one of the overall goals in the weaving process is to create the softest, smoothest, best feel you can get underfoot.  Want to feel what we are talking about?

Oushak originated in Western Turkey at the beginning of the Ottoman period. Collectors and museums revere originals as great masterpieces of early Turkish carpet weaving from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries.  They vary in pattern with central medallion designs as well as patterns of smaller allover medallions or scattered sprays of vine scroll and palmettes. They are notable for the grand, monumental scale of the designs, often a subdued palette in soft apricot and golden saffron tones whose pleasing qualities are enhanced by their particularly soft and lustrous wool.

While original, antique Oushak rugs may be out of our price range, recent innovations in weaving techniques have brought reproduction Oushaks within reach of most homeowners.  The resurgence of hand-spun wool and vegetable dye weaving, in combination with the import of high-grade New Zealand wool has allowed many manufacturers to create a look and feel that is almost inseparable from the original antique rugs.  These new pieces look like masterpieces, but cost much, much less.

The Kozan collection by Kalaty Rugs is one of our favorites.  Easy on the eye and soft underfoot, the rugs in the Kozan collection feature traditional Oushak designs that are hand knotted using 100% hand-spun wool in a Turkish knot weave. These vintage-inspired colors and patterns elevate your beautiful rooms to an entirely new level. So very fashionable!  You can see the Kozan collection in our showroom, or see them on our website here: http://bit.ly/1tncWex

My personal favorite is the KZ-126.  The soft yellows and light blues give a room a touch of color without being overly aggressive.  Truly beautiful.  See it here: www.lexingtonorientalrugs.com/rug/1750/Vintage_Home_-_Konya